Secondhand Lions


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Critics are WRONG
Jan 06, 2009
haleyharriman -
This is my favorite movie of all time, also my sisters, brothers, moms and dads favorite. This movie moves the heart and and has great actors. It shows the love that bonds between people and whats right and wrong. If you... Full review
Secondhand Lions - Truly Original and Fun
Dec 28, 2008
leann_santana -
Hey, this is a very special movie! I have watched it over and over again, it's just so original and it makes you feel good. There's something satisfying about it in a quirky sort of way. It makes me laugh.... Full review
the greatest
Dec 16, 2008
phoenixrisers -
dont be fooled by it's appearence. This movie is sooooo awesome for all ages. Parents : dont worry, there's none of that sexual/(major) violence crap to worry about. Teenagers: It's sooo funny, you've just gotta give it a chance". Children: (if... Full review
better than the critics said ( like most movies)
Nov 26, 2008
hannahtschetter09 -
I saw that the critics gave this review a C+. In my mind it deserves a much better grade than that. Robert Duvuall, Michael Caine and Haley joe Osmet do a fantastic job in this film. I know the story line... Full review
Never too old to live!
Sep 11, 2008
shelton_117 -
This movie was awesome. 5 years after its debut, I'm watching it. What a surprise! I turned it on to fall asleep to and I was so intrigued that I stayed awake to the conclusion. The uncles were immensely fun and... Full review
Good Job!
Sep 01, 2008
lab1sheperd -
I thought it was a great family movie for all ages! Very Good acting! Good scenery and action shooting! Strong storyline that kept you involved and excited.... Full review
Aug 31, 2008
farmfamilyalso -
For eccentric relatives - these two take the cake. Michael Caine & Robert Duvall are perfect. These two fish with a shotgun. An absolutely WONDERFUL story - with a story within a story - one of unbelieveable - with emphasis on... Full review
Secondhand - First to see
Jun 01, 2008
chelser_601 -
I saw this movie a long time ago and I have always enjoyed it. even today I enjoy watching it. and I love Haley Joel Osment. FANTASTIC! I jsut wish he would be in more movies. This is the last movie... Full review
Touching Film
May 24, 2008
ldiddycorn -
I am a fan of Halle Joel Osment. He was a great child actor. I didn't understand the whole lion part, but anyway, all and all this film was good/ok. It wasn't outstanding and clear, but I understood most of it.... Full review
secondhand lions
Apr 30, 2008
bath06_movies_368 -
it's a good movie. there's a little bit of randomness in it. hayley joel osment does a good job in it. so does robert duvall. though, i do not like michael caine's accent in the movie. it sounds fake. it's also... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Dec 01, 2009
DVD Talk
but the complete disregard for a sense of realism at the conclusion cripples an otherwise earnest period family film.....Secondhand Lions introduces us to a fine coming-of-age story.... ... Full Review
| Nov 29, 2009
DVD Town
certainly "Secondhand Lions" is worth watching....But "Secondhand Lions" is a fairly ordinary looking movie.... ... Full Review
| Sep 04, 2008
Urban Cinefile
Its not the tall tales of Hub and Garths amazing alleged adventures that are the problem its the endless procession of heart-warming scenes and cracker-barrel philosophy in the present that induces the cringing. Desperate to be loved, this sentimental tale gives nostalgia a bad name as shy young Walter (Haley Joel Osment) has to put up with Michael Caines poor approximation of a Southern accent and Robert Duvalls ham fisted attempt to slip on the overalls and play an older ... Full Review
| Jul 15, 2004
Deseret News
"Secondhand Lions" doesn't have to do much to win us over. The same goes for Haley Joel Osment, who, despite now being saddled with an adolescent voice full of cracks and squeaks, is still one of the better young actors working in movies today. ... Full Review
| May 12, 2004
Houston Chronicle
The film does have other charms, however. Osment is maturing intelligently and without affectation. And if it didn't star Michael Caine, Robert Duvall and Haley Joel Osment, it would probably be insufferable. ... Full Review


When a movie needs animals and experienced people to wrangle them on the set, it's often Bobbi Colorado who gets the call of the wild. ... Full Article

Secondhand Lions has delivered a solid roar at the box office. Speaking from his ranch in central Texas, writer-director Tim McCanlies tells Box Office Mojo about how and why he made the picture and the business sense behind it. ... Full Article

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