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User Reviews

Clever Horror Movie
Jan 06, 2009
bigshialabeouffan -
This film is very clever for a horror film, but it wasn't at all scary. The story is very genius and it's very clever. The acting is great and the cast is perfect. The direction is brilliant and amazing. Wes Craven... Full review
The Best Horror Movie of all Time
Dec 24, 2008
elizzhandley -
Oh my gosh! The first time I saw this movie was about three years ago, and I was amazed at how good it was. Since I did not pick it myself, I did not want to see it at first. But... Full review
Dec 12, 2008
cosmeo77 -
Woo!!! Go Wes,this movie is so mind blowing and so twisted at first. I loved Scream because of its taste to Mr.Craven of course the sequel was bit better.The first scream will blow you out!!... Full review
best scream movie
Nov 28, 2008
zachman96 -
scream 2 sucked part 3 was good but 1 was the best it was the best movie i saw in 1996 it had a lot of blood... Full review
Wes Craven's Solid Thriller Delivers
Oct 18, 2008
horrormoviecritic -
Scream is the first in the trilogy and is hands down easily one of the best films of the 90's horror/thriller era. Scream delivers the strong acting, smart thrills, suspense, gore and scares. There is very strong character develpoment and they... Full review
one of the best!!!
Sep 14, 2008
griffinator25 -
this movie is the effin *****!!! best effin movie ever!!! Wes Craven did a nasty job returning for another scary movie... Full review
Best Teen Slasher In 10 Years!
Aug 28, 2008
movieman456 -
By far, the best teen slashers in ten years. What a hip movie. Wes Craven does a very fine job once again. Rose McGowen did a very good job (she did the best out of every one). This is also one... Full review
Horror done right
Aug 17, 2008
dogorangetexas -
Scream is a creative Craven work or genius, that does what a scary movie should do scare and amaze with spine tingling chills.... Full review
can't help but to like it
Jun 25, 2008
ej-nitro -
this ones good but the second one i think is better u can guess who the killer is at first no but its easy to fegur it out qick.i really like courtany cox in this neve camball is alright but she... Full review
When I think of insta-classic, this comes to mind.
Jun 21, 2008
artist0644 -
A smart, stylish, funny, and also very disturbing and suspenseful movie. I don't know how i would like this movie anyway else because it is perfect the way it is. A must see for horror fans and fans of "great" movies.... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Mar 05, 2009
Scream" is a very interesting movie to watch.....The movie has everything an excellent movie needs:....Matthew Lillard was in the Scooby Doo movies and he was in the first, "Without a Paddle", a pretty funny movie.....I didn't find this as a scary horror movie but it is fun to watch....Neve Campbell does a great job in this movie.... ... Full Review
| Feb 23, 2009
andPOP, Canada
the legendary movie '....rumors are circulating over the return of Wes Craven as director of the scary slasher.....The film was one of the highest grossing films of 1996, with huge commercial success..... ... Full Review
| Jan 13, 2009
Screen Rant
The original Scream was released in 1996 and it was followed by two sequels and a host of imitators giving horror a self-referential spin before "torture porn" took the genre in a gorier direction. The title Scream was used because the killer in the films wears a mask which resembles the character in the famous Edvard Munch painting. ... Full Review
| Jan 13, 2009
Digital Spy
According to Bloody Disgusting , the original Scream stars have been approached with financial offers to make a cameo appearance in the horror sequel. However, it will likely focus on a set of new, younger characters, with the original cast members only making a brief appearance. ... Full Review
| Jan 13, 2009
Secondly, they say that there is a "very good possibility" that Wes Craven will return to direct. Though apparently original cast members David Arquette , Courtney Cox Arquette and Neve Campbell have been approached for cameos, meaning it won't be a reboot or remake. ... Full Review


Don't disagree with True Blood fans. Or, if you do, be ready to defend your critical opinions against blanket accusations that if you don't like a promotional picture, you must not even watch the show. ... Full Article

London, Aug 27 (ANI): 'True Blood' star Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell have signed on to appear in the star-studded 'Scream 4'. Paquin and Bell will join 'Scream' regulars Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette in the fourth installment... ... Full Article

I've learnt not to take too much notice of rumours pertaining to the ''Scream'' series. There's a number of reasons for my receptiveness concerning Ghostface whispers : the script changes constantly; the studio deliberately leaks both false script pages and... ... Full Article

Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell have joined the cast of the star-studded "Scream 4." Dimension Films executives have confirmed to WENN that Paquin and Bell will team up with "Scream" regulars Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette in the... ... Full Article

Arriving a little late to the party, USA Today is reporting that "production has started on Scream 4 ," a tidbit of information that has been well-known for over a month now. ... Full Article

True Blood " babe Anna Paquin and " Veronica Mars " star Kristen Bell will make cameos in Wes Craven's " Scream 4 ," Dimension Films has announced. ... Full Article

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