Saving Private Ryan


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My point of view.
Jan 21, 2009
grimreaper0660 -
This movie really sweeped me. My dad brought it home one day, and i at first thought it would be a bore. after i saw it, my mouth was still wide open, out of amusement and shock. I never imagined it... Full review
Captures WWII like no other
Jan 09, 2009
boomer_sooner07 -
When I first saw this film it gave me chills as in I felt the true horror of war when they stormed the beach on Normandy. Visuals and direction of this movie were truly remarkable... Full review
Not just the best war movie, the best movie, perio
Dec 26, 2008
rickflashmem -
Brings the reality of war to the screen as never before. Great story, great acting and amazing images. Takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I felt like I was "there" from the very first scenes to the finish.... Full review
its the best!
Dec 13, 2008
wikidesta -
i have to say this is one of the best movies ive ever watched and definately the best war movie second comes black hawk down!... Full review
Nov 28, 2008
soulxassassin -
this movie is outstanding with it's story and visuals. if you are into war movies, then this is a movie you got to see.... Full review
The best WWII movie ever
Nov 16, 2008
mikebra96 -
I am so intersting in World War 2{WWII}. I watch alot of movies and shows about the WWII. I first watch Saving Private Ryan when I was 2 years old. This WWII movie is the best WWII movie ever in history.... Full review
If we don't understand the price paid 4 freedom...
Nov 04, 2008
davidwest1 -
...we will lose it. The creators of Saving Private Ryan did humanity a service by making the best film ever created to help us truly understand the cost of our freedom. We must keep this message -- the one I remember... Full review
Nov 02, 2008
t.dolan78 -
this movie was downright amazing! i loved the graphics, i loved the action, i loved the acting. anyone who says other wise is either thick in the head or saying it for a laugh.... Full review
The best war movie!!!
Oct 28, 2008
taher_abdelghani -
Spielberg at his best...Tom Hanks at his best...John Williams at his best... A movie that deserves every good review about every piece of it... A movie at its best...... Full review
Oct 15, 2008
denizujo -

Critics Reviews

| May 12, 2010
the film was a respectful, authentic tribute to the men who died during that war.....Goldman's expert deconstruction of the film's flaws, linked to here and above, details the other reason than to test my home theater with its presumably perfect picture and sound quality.....survived war in the way these characters do, the film is purely a dramatic, compelling story....although I would argue that even the "unnecessary" scenes are fairly entertaining..... ... Full Review
| Dec 18, 2008
The film is one of the most brutally realistic war films ever made, and tries to honestly depict not only the graphic horror, but also the graphic emotions of people stuck in a bloody and relentless war. The Saving Private Ryan is a limited edition release, so it's not something to put off. ... Full Review
| Mar 01, 2008
The French horns and other low brass instruments carried this theme of remembrance throughout the film very well, giving Saving Private Ryan 's score an almost supernatural feeling, much like Schindler's List 's score. Combining all of the characteristics of the score, I believe that Saving Private Ryan was not as unremarkable as many other film score critics believed. ... Full Review
| Feb 26, 2008
Cinema Blend
the race for best picture was going to be hot.....Fantastic original films were pouring into theaters almost weekly....But there's more to what makes a movie great than being shaken or stirred.....All three of them were amazing films and all of them were nominated for Best Pic (and rightly so)..... ... Full Review
| Feb 06, 2008
Melbourne Herald Sun
It's the kind of grand Saving Private Ryan sequence that would make Steven Spielberg swoon. Brilliantly acted and masterly directed by Joe Wright (at age 35), Atonement isn't quite the best film of the year, but it certainly is one of them. ... Full Review


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Fans of Oscar-winning, history-based bloodbaths were thrilled last week when Steven Spielberg 's Saving Private Ryan was finally released on Blu-ray. At last! Every detail of the visceral dismemberments would be clearly discernible to the naked eye, the "thunk" of... ... Full Article

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Report Violation badini (557 days ago)
This is my faivred movie.i very like this movie.
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