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User Reviews

Confusing but good
Jun 05, 2007
springsunnywinter -
I was quite surprised to hear that the film is original because it was a great idea. The movie had a lot of Indian mythology and the use of advance modern technology that looked really good. It was a bit... Full review
A good idea, gone horribly wrong!
Jan 31, 2006
Sherazade -
I think the director and writer for this film did not see eye to eye. If they did, they would have known that they had a very good idea, which they poorly executed. With a script like this, you need... Full review
A pleasant surprise
Nov 25, 2005
gothgarg -
After being told many times that the movie was crap, I decided to have a go at it, well prepared for the worst. But I was pleasantly surprised to find I did not find the movie bad at all! It... Full review
This movie is proof that even the most interesting concept can be destroyed and made into an (unintentional) comedy by a crass producer.Not even Roger Corman would take a story about the destruction of the world by demons and cast... Full review
Handle with care
Mar 16, 2005
sudhirsekharan -
... now i've seen it all.This is no doubt one of the worst movies in existence... the plot is the worst crap ever cooked up by any bird brained scriptwriter. The same must be said of every other person who... Full review
Mar 07, 2004
sundr9 -
I think the movie was made with a limited budget, since the wigs are shared by Sunil Shetty and Sanjay Dutt,no expenses were incurred for hairdressers. There are few extras running around with boxes with Apple insignia on them which... Full review
Happened to see "Rudraksha"...looks like the very first main stream Hindi movie that deals with the chakras, the power of Rudrakshas, powers of the divine - presented in a very non-descript commercialized fashion. Takes the mantra tantra mythology etc etc... Full review
Okay, so we all know that this is the modern day interpretation of some obscure scripture. Yes, modern it is indeed, Bollywood style ofcourse: Where they think everyone in the west dresses like a hooker!It starts with a scientist in... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jun 28, 2008
Real Bollywood
Good script matters, not star fees: Nikhil Panchamiya At the end of the day good script matters and not star fees. I am in no mood to pay astronomical fees to my actors just because they seem to be in scarcity. ... Full Review
| Dec 16, 2003
A good track.....composed by Shashi Pritam is a slow (and technically slick) love song by KK and Chitra which is written by Mast Ali.....Best thing about Rudraksh is it's original tunes that do not seem to find any inspiration from the songs of present or past.....Remix of this number carries with it an additional zing that makes the entire track doubly enjoyable!....The album gets a zip-start with 'Ishq Khudai' written by Arun Bhairav, which is one of the better dance floor songs composed this year..... ... Full Review

Nitin Manmohan agreed, "That's because of the special effects which have been used for a footage of 75 minutes in the film. Isha Koppikar plays Bhuria's seductive Lali. ... Full Review

The two stars are for the superb cinematography by T. Surendra Reddy, and excellent SFX by director Mani Shankar himself. fails miserably at the script and screenplay level ... Full Review

Smash Hits, India
The film lacks supportive music score.....No doubt he is a brilliant technician but it takes more than that to make a good film..... ... Full Review


New Delhi, May 7 (IANS) 'Rudraksh', 'Alag', 'Love Story 2050' and 'Prince' - all belong to the sci-fi genre, but the other common factor linking these movies is they were duds at the box office. ... Full Article

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