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The Film For Which Julia Will Be Remembered
Nov 15, 2006
ccthemovieman-1 -
I'll always remember the name Raul Julio for this picture. I guess I don't really remember him in other films except for smaller roles. This was one of his acting career highlights, I would assume.This is a powerful movie based... Full review
Although not a very well made movie (the writing and editing are especially weak) the late Raul Julia's performance is stunning, as are the performances of many of his supporting cast. The journey his character (and presumably the actual archbishop... Full review
Great film
Jul 23, 2006
tommystinks -
The film Romero follows the career of Oscar Romero through his rise to power as the archbishop of San Salvador to his life in politics and ultimately his assassination. The film offers an insightful look into the political situation of... Full review
A must see
Jan 11, 2006
someopinion -
I cried two times when I see this movie, it is horrible that one thinks he/she is more superior and starts killing the innocent! This is a grest educational movie. For I do not know anything about El Salvador before till... Full review
Oct 30, 2004
drew33313 -
All should see this movie and i is sad that it really happened this way. This movie was based upon the rights of el salvadorians and the struggle they had to put up with just to vote.... Full review
Oct 29, 2004
congas22 -
and excellent movie that all should see. it only saddens me that the movie is based on solid fact. watch the movie... Full review
historically accurate film gives good life lesson
Oct 11, 2004
dabreslaw -
this was more than adequate portrayal of one of the great people of out time. This movie gives us an unheard perspective on an underepresented historical topic in our schools. watch this movies and see what blind support of governments in... Full review
A must-see
Nov 26, 2003
sluhclass -
Following history rather closely, this movie protrays a modern day saint and his struggle for justice rather well. Shows the cruelty some humans can posses, and the reactions toward it.... Full review
Raul Julia's gift to cinema
Jun 24, 2002
Agent10 -
Raul Julia's finest moment as an actor was also one of the finest Latin American-themed films of all time. Julia portrayed the diligent bishop Oscar Romero with an aplomb which few actors could have embodied. Sadly, this film ends up... Full review
A moving experience
May 13, 2002
einhard-1 -
Easily the best political movie in the past 20 years. If you watch this movie and are not moved by the story of the abuse and the archbishop's fight against it, you need to go to a doctor to see... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Sep 08, 1989
Washington Post
As Julia plays him, Romero is genuinely devout, but mixed in with his spiritual dedication is an almost debilitating shyness. In the opening scenes of "Romero," John Duigan's moving, problematic film about the martyred Salvadoran archbishop Oscar Romero, Raul Julia acts as if his character were afraid to raise his eyes from the ground. ... Full Review

Chicago Sun-Times
Romero is portrayed in the film by Raul Julia , who plays him as a reasonable, thoughtful man, slow to anger, willing to see both sides. The film has a good heart, and the Julia performance is an interesting one ... Full Review

Decent Films
This weakens the drama, and is Romero s main flaw as a film. Unfortunately for the film, none of Romeros enemies, even among the military, emerges as a knowable or compelling character. ... Full Review


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