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Seen it ages ago ,still the memories stay as fresh as seen the first time. The deep struggles endured against militants who are humans also are brilliantly depicted in the movie. Well in the original language of the movie the... Full review
Roja Roja Roja Roja Roja........loves Mani Ratnam
Jun 13, 2005
varuna12 -
What a movie!!!! This is one movie that i can watch again and again. It was like a breath of fresh air in the stinking stench of typical Hindi movies. This movie gave me hope that Indians too can make... Full review
First part of Mani Ratnam's political trilogy
Apr 12, 2004
hprill -
This is the first movie of what was to become director Mani Ratnam's "political trilogy" ("Bombay" and "Dil Se" being the movies to follow). While not quite as accomplished as the later movies, he develops a very simple story of... Full review
mild romance in the backdrop of terrorism
Jul 23, 2000
Aravind Babu -
The threat of terrorists in India meshed with mild romance is the summary of this movie. Roja(the rose) the heroine is an innocent girl whose newly wed husband gets kidnapped by Pakistani terrorists. The story revolves around how she runs... Full review
Well-made film: A turning point in Indian Cinema
Jul 01, 1999
Neelakantan Sharma -
Roja is a film that many feel has been a turning point in Indian cinema. The North, that usually gets all the media hype & coverage in spite of poor techniques and stories got a slap on its face when... Full review
Very touching movie with great scenery and good characters
Mar 08, 1999
Maarten Hofman -
For once it is reasonably clear why the heroine falls in love with the hero, and also the motivation of the hero, even if it is unlikely, is well presented. This was one of the few movies that actually made... Full review
Excellent movie, beautiful locations and songs
Nov 28, 1998
Satya K -
I saw this movie 3 times.. lovely songs and locations. The story line is too good..... Full review

Critics Reviews

Ratnam has long been embraced on the festival circuit as a director who manages to package serious themes within the conventions of commercial Indian cinema, and "Roja" is a perfect example: Between scenes of torture and beatings, characters burst into catchy songs provided by A. R. Rahman, who also did "Lagaan. ... Full Review
An inspiration for many aspiring filmmakers and a source of creativity to growing film directors, Mani Ratnam is an epitome of quality Indian cinema.....Mani, as he is fondly called, is one extraordinary director who believes in a strong story line and affirms it with his gripping screenplay.....With A R Rahman as his trump card, Mani offered the audience, movies with the best music.....Abhishek, Aishwarya and Rahman, with their favourite director Mani Ratnam, the 'Guru' team is back..... ... Full Review


If it is down south, it is always motherhood and womanly love, set to violins and flutes, that triumph over guns and grenades. Landmark films on terror have not bothered much with male protagonists, the terrorist or the hero. ... Full Article

Actress Madhoo is excited about her 'reel' comeback caper that would bring her to the fore for her histrionics, yet again. Best known for her fresh innocence in Roja, Madhoo will be seen on the marquee as a strong woman... ... Full Article

First let us tell you that the film Villain really lacks a good plot. The hackneyed story of revenge has somewhat made it very clear that the film would have to be watched for other things, like performance and cinematography,... ... Full Article

Mani Ratnam has roped in Yuvan Shankar Raja to score music for his next Hindi film 'Paki'. Mani Ratnam's favorite composer A R Rehman has been left out this time for reasons unknown. ... Full Article

Yesteryear heart throb Madhubala, who captured hearts with her sizzling performance in Mani Ratnam's Roja , is all set to make a comeback with Rajshri's next production Love You Mr. ... Full Article

By Agencies Mumbai: Rahman eats, breathes and sleeps music: Despite being a man of few words, Rahman's music speaks it all. He is a favorite among directors from both Bollywood and Hollywood . ... Full Article

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Report Violation B.karthikeyan (1400 days ago)
hi this is karthik. i thank manirathnam for uplifting tamil and tamilians.
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