Rich and Famous


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User Reviews

Original Theatrical Version Now On DVD!
Nov 09, 2007
James Helberg -
I finally received my DVD today, viewed it and I'm pleased to announce this is the original theatrical version of the film. As you may have read in previous reviews of "Rich and Famous" that the edited for TV version of... Full review
Two Versions?
Sep 19, 2006
msjoanies -
Recently I saw this movie again (after 25 years). In the original there is a scene in the bathroom of an airplane during the landing between Jacqueline Bisset's character and Michael Brandon's character. The rented version did not have this scene... Full review
Excellent acting
May 25, 2006
dee -
I loved this film because of the dialog and superb acting by Candace and Jacqueline. However, I never knew until now, watching a Bette David marathon on TNT that this film is a remake of a 1943 Bette Davis classic called... Full review
A wonderful soap opera.
Aug 08, 2005
landy2good -
Legendary film director George Cukor's final film, Rich and Famous boost a wonderful performances from Jacqueline Bissett and Candice Bergen. He was known as a great director for women. Having done The Women with Joan Crawford. Here is the story of... Full review
New Acquaintance
Dec 29, 2004
arichmondfwc -
George Cukor is and always will be one of my favorites. The unsung hero of his generation. Nobody mentions Cukor in the same breath as John Ford, Howard Hawks, William Wyler or Billy Wilder and yet, look at his filmography. From... Full review
His last film proves the legend true.
Jun 11, 2003
dbdumonteil -
George Cukor is an actresses director.He told himself it was nothing but an old cliché ,probably as old as the hills ,as old as "gone with the wind" when Leigh and De Havilland went on rehearsing with him even after he... Full review
The importance of being self-righteous
Jun 29, 2001
moonspinner55 -
The crazy dialogue throughout "Rich and Famous", a remake of the Bette Davis chestnut "Old Acquaintance", continually sounds like failed poetry (or, a mediocre poet's idea of what movie dialogue should sound like). When college chums-turned-literary rivals Jacqueline Bisset and Candice... Full review
Intelligent and Witty
Jan 28, 2001
budmassey -
George Cuckor, known as a director of women, couldn't have hoped for two more talented and beautiful women for his last film. Itself a remake of Bette Davis' campy "Old Acquaintance" written by John Van Druten, this film is definitely dated,... Full review

Critics Reviews

Chicago Sun-Times
The eroticism in that scene is particularly effective, and somewhat surprising, considering that the director is the eighty-two-year-old George Cukor . It's a slick, trashy, entertaining melodrama, with too many dumb scenes to qualify as successful. ... Full Review


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