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  • Release Date: 2010
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| Jun 18, 2010
The re-recording is ultimate and many scenes in the film were elevated because of the music.....he had high directorial capabilities and the style he shows in picturizing the film is impeccable.....It is absurd to review a film by a great director like Mani Ratnam....She has given excellent performance in the film..... ... Full Review


Says Vikram, "Yes, it was quite an experience. It's more she dancing while I just join in. I am just a passable dancer. I'm a good fighter but not quite the dancer. ... Full Article

April 2010 No Comment Mani Ratnam Ravan Movie Trailer has been released. It stars Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Vikram in the lead roles while Govinda, Ravi Kishan, Nikhil Dwivedi, and Priyamani play key supporting roles. ... Full Article

Here is a latest entrant to the much-hyped movie of the year, 'Ravan'. The Mani Ratnam's movie has always maintained a hush-hush atmosphere within itself. ... Full Article

Mumbai: Abhishek Bachhan,Vikram and Ash starrer movie,directed by Manirathnam "Ravan" first look was officially released today. A trailor with 40 second duration has been released to give people a sense of the movie. ... Full Article

Mumbai, 119th April: Ravan has been in news for various reasons since the day of launch. Acclaimed Indian film-maker Mani Ratnam's most awaited movie "Ravan" (Ravan in Hindi & Raavana in Tamil,Telugu) has an announced release date of June 18,... ... Full Article

User Comments

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Report Violation Simon (551 days ago)
Superb Movie!! Go and watch it.
Report Violation murthy (1358 days ago)
After seeing this movie,people should not construct temple for Ravana with Sita as gods. Maniratna can copy the story,no need for him to tell that i have taken this from EPIC. If the situation continues i feel Hinduism will be a closed chapter like Sankrit
Report Violation real comment (1390 days ago)
please dont spent even a single rupee to watch this film. Aish show everything ( only plus in film).
Report Violation D.P. Sundriyal (1391 days ago)
Abhishek bacchan's acting is good. Govinda's acting is very very very Wonderful because his roll is small in this movie but acting is very good.
Report Violation Darshan (1393 days ago)
****>>>>>>>>>>> However, mani have all right to say that beera [RAVANA] was not a bad guy it dosen't mean that he can also say that dev [RAMA] was bad guy. In our culture it's very difficult to create Ideal; in fact, we got very few. In the movie sanjeevni [HANUMAN] had been shown drinking alcohol is not a good thing for our new generation, who think and had being taught that Hanuman is a epic hero. Especially, in todya's world when it's too difficult differentiate between true and untrue, this kind of sick mantality (except LOVE factor) makes it more harder to keep believing in truth. Apart from all this just think onece, if the Abhishek were plaing role of dev-Inspector; what would be the impact of the movie. And for Mani this movie can be considered as down fall in selecting subject. All in all, this movie content some unsuitable thoughts which can be harmful for some of our basic norms.
Report Violation Ravan review (1394 days ago)
TAMIL : Ravan review::: poor... story is not compelling in many places only 1 song was good. all other songs are bad. The picture clarity / snaps are good. eg, the mountain show/falls camera/photography is good... good parts like photography, slounds, etc which are good. Techically good... However, how many times men falling into wateris shown? whenever anyone shot, they always fall into water.... lol... > Vikram's act as Ravan in Tamil version is pathetic and nothing great... > Prithviraj is the worst of the worst with no reaction in face at all. Always gives some sort of sluggish smile, which doesnt express any sad mood when his wife is kidnapped... lol... 80 minus for vikram 100 minus for prithviraj
Report Violation pramod (1398 days ago)
maniratnam gadu kanipisthe shoot chesi padestha...............vaadi abba ............gr8 epic ni padu chesadu
Report Violation X (1398 days ago)
Movie s technically so strong.. I mean, no such film has this kind of technical strength so far.. Yes, no doubt this movie is a gud one.. As usual mani's film will have its place only after sometime.. Just think after watching the movie.. u wil get many things... Mani has found lakhs of things inside this small story.. It s so difficult to direct these kind of films..
Report Violation sathya (1399 days ago)
Hi, Congrats to Mani Rathnam for his great effort.This is how you can take/ picturise the Ramayan(epic story).You can’t make sita to act as a pair for Ravan or singing duet with Ravan.Also you can’t include any Masala story in between or can’t do any commercial/entertainment with this kind of epic story.Without diluting the Ramayan story …I think this the good way to take the story.Congrats to Vikram, Ash,Sivan & to other artists for their valuable effort.Just go and watch with open mind.
Report Violation nale (1400 days ago)
The movie scores 10/10 in techincal aspects however it does not even score 3 plotwise. There were many plot holes which Im sad to say a director like mani ratnam has overlooked. The movie is only watchable for its artistic view and brilliant performance by the stars, however I doubt this will movie will sustain long as the pace of the movie lacks the boost that is required by the audience. In short, this movie is worth watching for all the other aspects except for the story itself which is the most significant element in any movie. Outstanding technical usage will not cover the weakness in the plot.
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