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Civilisation is extinct, only boredom remained.
Jan 19, 2008
Coventry - imdb.com
Apparently there are good reasons for this film's obscurity status as well as for the low rating on this wondrous website. Richard Harris doesn't nearly whoop as much butt as I expected in this overall dull and completely unmemorable post-apocalyptic... Full review
Not nearly ravaging enough
Jan 14, 2008
- imdb.com
I remember having seen this movie before, when I was a kid and it aired on television. But other than the title and the semi-desolate feel RAVAGERS had (because there's quite a lot of people running around in this one),... Full review
Awful post-apocalyptic trash.
Jan 21, 2007
fedor8 - imdb.com
This is such a pointless exercise... Nothing rings true in this shallow film. A post-apocalyptic world that leaves you totally disinterested. This war not only killed most people and made savages out of them, it also seems to have damaged... Full review
Being the hard-core aficionado of post-apocalyptic sci-fi/action features that I am, I naturally was pretty pumped at the prospect of finally seeing this extremely rare, forgotten and elusive genre entry after taping it in its uncut entirety off of cable.... Full review
Today's game: The Ravagers vs. The Flockers.
Jun 13, 2004
lemon993 - imdb.com
One of a handful of post-apocalyptic films I've tried to track down over the years.(The others being Captive Women, Aftermath, The Last Chase and The Quiet Earth.) Recently, I viewed the film and found it to be quite entertaining as... Full review
Columbia Pictures barely released this end-of-the-world movie, understandably so. It's an extremely cheap movie, using abandoned industrial sections to depict the burnt-out and rusting cities, but mostly shooting on bland Alabama countryside during the off-season. Some locations are even used... Full review
That tin of dog food belongs to me!
Oct 29, 2003
DanielKing - imdb.com
There are plenty of good ideas here but they are betrayed by lacklustre direction. There is something about these 'last men on Earth' movies that I really enjoy and I am not sure exactly what it is. In common with... Full review
Another 70's post-nuclear hollywood film.
Mar 19, 2001
William - imdb.com
Richard Harris and Alana Stewart (George hamilton's ex, and at the time Mrs. Rod Stewart) plays couple trying to survive the future where earth is pretty much dead. Now there are these normads called the ravagers that roams and kills... Full review

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