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Ratatouille is a Oscar Worthy Family Film!
Jan 23, 2009
freoafl29 - yahoo.com
Ratatouille is a very charming movie! It is very funny and the characters are cute and the story never gets old. I think this movie is a very good movie for Disney fans!... Full review
A Whole New Perspective On Rats
Jan 06, 2009
aanunez2280 - yahoo.com
After reading several reviews, I agree with other reviewers in regards to some of the points that this film is trying to make, such as "Following your dreams","Anyone can cook", and "Taking advantage of opportunities". However, I am simply amazed at... Full review
Excellent work!
Dec 22, 2008
joe_lippman33 - yahoo.com
I expected another so-so animated movie, but this movie ended up being great fun to watch and hystarical moments. I would recommend to all.... Full review
Good but not great
Dec 19, 2008
brbc - yahoo.com
Ratatouille is not the best Disney movie ever but I would say that it is definately worth watching. It is certainly a unique movie. Great story, I cant remember all details, but overall, good... Full review
my ratatoullie review
Nov 30, 2008
puppyjack2004 - yahoo.com
this movie had diffrent talents that most movies fail to have. its a good movie that i whould love to see win many awards. there arent that many cooking movies that are ment for kids. in the end i like this... Full review
the worst movie
Nov 29, 2008
stevenwdempsey - yahoo.com
According to my six year old son... "The Incredibles, Finding Nemo and Cars are all good movies, but Ratatouille was the worst movie I have ever seen. I hate rats. It was not funny at all to me."... Full review
THE BEST!!!!!!!
Nov 16, 2008
disneylover152 - yahoo.com
This movie blew me away. The best movie since toy story 2. I can see this movie over and over. EXCELLENT movie.... Full review
Oct 30, 2008
iluvravens - yahoo.com
Best Animated movie I ever saw. The story was fantastic and visuals were amazing. I think it will win an oscar for best animated movie of the year.... Full review
Another brilliant original vision by Pixar
Oct 28, 2008
t-dog8 - yahoo.com
For everyone who cares,Walt Disney/Pixar's undeniably unique effort,Ratatouille,is by far one of the best films of the year,animated or live-action.Director Brad Bird(The Incredibles)combines impressive shots with excellent voice acting(including a wonderfully brief performance by Peter O'Toole as a food critic)to make... Full review
Let's Cook!
Oct 25, 2008
feathered_ink_quill - yahoo.com
Ratatouille had a great moral to it's story. Everytime I watch it I get hungry. I love this movie because they use an animal who isn't an animal people like to have around as the main character.... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Aug 28, 2009
The New York Times
One of the pleasures of this agreeably low-key and modest film is....he's created a somewhat simple story about a man who turns out to be rather less simple than he first appears.....The little man at the center of the spasmodically funny and bleak love story "Big Fan" doesn't come with a halo slung over his head..... ... Full Review
| May 29, 2009
reviews also contend with the rave reviews for every other Pixar movie.....the film's leads and subject matter won't be attractive to kids accompanies the rave reviews..... ... Full Review
| Apr 25, 2009
Mind-blending visuals and superb animation is a delight to watch.....The co-production of Disney and Pixar, who created last year's disappointing Cars , has rendered an excellent movie this year.....Brad Bird, the writer and director of The Iron Giant (1999) and The Incredibles (2004), brings in a new delectable animated feature, Ratatouille , based on the passion for food..... ... Full Review
| Nov 21, 2008
Sacramento Bee
The G-rated movie from Pixar Animation Studios ("Finding Nemo," "Ratatouille" and all the other really good ones) offers a touching robot romance, visuals as artful as they are state-of-the-art, and vital messages about environmental and personal health. ... Full Review
| Sep 20, 2008
Deccan Herald
Directed by Brad Bird, produced by Brad Lewis and executive produced by John Lasseter and Andrew Stanton, the movie is full of emotional and visual excitement. Five time Academy Award nominated and winner of Academy Award for Best Animation Feature Film, Ratatouille premieres on Indian television on Disney Channel on September 21 at 10 am. ... Full Review


After working at the Holy Grail of animation, Dutchborn animator Tim Crawfurd is moving to the Holy City. Crawfurd spent 12 years at California's Pixar Studios, where he worked on blockbuster animation movies such as Finding Nemo , A Bug's... ... Full Article

With " Up " nominated for the Best Picture award at the Oscars this year and an almost certain victory in the Best Animated Feature category, Pixar is clearly at the top of its game - which is exactly why... ... Full Article

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