Pyaar Ke Side Effects


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User Reviews

cute film
Jan 07, 2008
British_Totti -
Well i am not much of a Mallika Sherawat fan but after i watched this film recently she is okay i guess but needs to pick better roles in the films that she does. I loved Rahul Bose in this film,... Full review
This is out and out Fun movie
Jun 23, 2007
bollywoodplusplus -
This is like a modern version of good old Basu Chatterjee fun movie. There is hardly a single boring point. The star cast is apt - Rahul Bose is excellent, Mallika Sherawat is probably very different for all her previous movie... Full review
A Fun Romantic Comedy From a Guy's Perspective
Jan 03, 2007
flying_fish -
This was the first Malika Sherawat and second Rahul Bose film I've seen. I previously saw Chameli in which I though Bose gave a good performance even if understated. The reason I had avoided this film was because I expected it... Full review
A Must Watch!
Dec 26, 2006
I began watching this movie, not knowing what the storyline was going to be or whether or not it would be a waste of time; however, I am a Rahul Bose fan and knew that it couldn't be all that bad.... Full review
The New Face of the Urban Indian Comedy.
Oct 13, 2006
kooleshwar -
For starters I had mixed feelings about this movie, after I saw the teasers I knew I had to see this movie but I was really apprehensive about the Yuppie Cast that this movie had, besides Mallika Sherawat (who despite what... Full review
Worth watching once
Oct 03, 2006
Apurv Nagpal -
Imagine a love story with every cliché possible, every predictable twist and turn but it still manages to make you laugh…and in some parts makes you laugh very loudly. I went into this movie with very low expectations and came out... Full review
Hilarious and better than expected
Sep 22, 2006
justakki -
I had my reservations while going for movie as I thought it would be just another light romantic comedy. But came out of hall more than satisfied. Movie is about a typical relationship between a boyfriend and girlfriend where girl is... Full review
Best Comedy Flick after a long time...........
Sep 22, 2006
mayur_lll -
PKSE is possibly that one romantic comedy in Hindi file history. Really a fun movie.........with rocking music. Sid is a short, middle-aged DJ who vainly tries to talk Trisha out of fleeing her wedding. They meet six months on, she drinks... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Apr 05, 2009
In fact, any love story would look fake....Taraana Raja, Jas Arora and Sapna Bhavnani are passable.....But Pyaar Ke Side Effects is not perfect.....Not that the film is devoid of emotions..... ... Full Review
| Jul 15, 2007
Zubin Garg's melodic collaboration with Pritam delivered a super hit soundtrack in "Ya Ali" (GANGSTER) followed by another mesmerizing track "Jaane Kya" (PYAR KE SIDE EFFECTS) and the pair proved their mettle and competence in solo sentimental tracks. ... Full Review
| Jul 05, 2007
Obviously, this film is trying to capitalize on the success of the former film; Honeymoon Ke Side-Effects is actually a dubbed version of the 2005 film Priyasakhi and has no connection whatsoever to PKSE . ... Full Review
| Jan 15, 2007
SHAADI KE SIDE EFFECTS will also have a good sprinkling of English dialogues, like PYAAR KE SIDE/EFFECTS. They are well aware of the second installment, but everything boils down to the script," the talented director divulges. ... Full Review
| Sep 19, 2006
much like the film itself.....Talking of the problems with this film brings me back to the lead pair..... ... Full Review


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