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Aug 02, 2008
moonspinner55 - imdb.com
Dryly irreverent, but sadly unfunny satire of detective movies, with stony-faced Michael Caine playing a British author of trashy crime stories traveling to the Mediterraean to assist in writing the memoirs of a would-be gangster; soon, he realizes he's being followed... Full review
A nice easy going comedy.
Nov 01, 2007
Vincent - imdb.com
This starts of with quite a few good laughs some visual, some slapstick and a few situation based but gets a little more serious as it progresses.The acting is good with Rooney as the slightly mad client being especially good... Full review
An OK idea falls flat long before end
Oct 14, 2007
bob the moo - imdb.com
Mickey King is a jobbing writer, spitting out lurid gangster novels under various fake names with the usual mix of violence and sex making them sell. He is approached to ghost write for an unnamed Hollywood "legend" and, pocketing a... Full review
Brilliant Film
Dec 31, 2005
ninfilms - imdb.com
After making the greatest gangster film Get Carter, it was probably was going to be hard for Mike Hodges and the team behind Get Carter, to accomplished a film better than Get Carter.Wisely Hodges decided to make a film that... Full review
A Comedy Treat
Apr 19, 2005
ms015g6428 - imdb.com
This film confounded those who were expecting a performance from Caine that echoed the 'hard man of few words' character which he mastered in Get Carter only one year before Pulp. Some saw it as playing his recent success for... Full review
A quirky movie which deserves a wider audience.
Sep 05, 2004
david-697 - imdb.com
While Hodges and Caine's 'Get Carter' has long since become a classic movie, it's follow up, 'Pulp' has been largely forgotten about. This is a shame, as, on it's on its own terms, and 'Pulp' is as rich a film.... Full review
What went wrong?
Sep 03, 2004
neil_mc - imdb.com
A year after 'Get Carter' revived the British gangster film, Mike Hodges and Michael Caine returned with another offering of gangster fiction. But that's where the high hopes end I'm afraid, because what we get - instead of the edgy,... Full review
Enterprising mix of thrills, intrigue and black comedy
Sep 04, 2003
Peter Hayes - imdb.com
A pulp novelist (Michael Caine) goes to Italy to ghost the autobiography of an old time Hollywood film gangster (Mickey Rooney), but maybe not everyone wants to see the book written?One of these films that was under regarded upon release,... Full review
Jul 10, 2003
erol_galip - imdb.com
Great film that doesn't take itself too seriously. For me, the parts played by Dennis Price and Lionel Stander kind of steal the show. Narrated in the first person throughout, if I remember rightly, I guess it could also have... Full review
An unregarded gem.
Feb 13, 2003
- imdb.com
"Can you walk a little faster?" said the whiting to the snail. "There's a porpoise right behind me, and he's treading on my tail..."Michael Caine had a pretty good year in 1972. GET CARTER was one of his best-ever films,... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Apr 24, 2007
DVD Talk
MGM/Fox's DVD of Pulp is perfectly preserved, with every sunny exterior glowing in its proper hue. George Martin's music score is pleasant but doesn't add much to the film's shaky mood. ... Full Review

Exclaim! Canada
Though the film tries to keep up with some fetid cinematography (shot on what must be the worst high-contrast film stock in the history of the medium), the movie is too self-satisfied in its feigned world-weariness and often sexist in its delivery. This eminently serviceably plot is let down completely by the too-talkative script, which not only perpetrates some spectacularly bad jokes but is also nearly wall-to-wall voiceover. ... Full Review

DVD Talk
On the way to a private island, Mickey learns about his employer, Preston Gilbert (Mickey Rooney, in a sensational performance), an aging ex-movie star with real-life ties to the Mafia. After a week of non-stop talking to Mickey about his life, Preston invites Mickey to an after-book party, where Preston, after performing a particularly humiliating shtick where he embarrasses a couple dining nearby, is gunned down by the miraculously alive Miller, disguised as a priest. ... Full Review

It is insightful, full of a deep love and understanding noir, but at its best, Pulp is downright funny, and its cutting one-liners mark a strong screenplay. Caine's voice-over is constant over the whole filma trademark from early, hardboiled noirbut it's frequently at odds with the action on the screen, like when he heroically details how he shakes off a bullet to the leg, while King takes one look at the blood and passes out. ... Full Review

As always, Caine brings his unflappable wit to the role, making the most of his repertoire of deadpan expressions. I'll bet you anything Cagney was offered this borderline psychedelic script and turned it down flat. ... Full Review


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