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U guys are stupid
Dec 11, 2006
bettyboop4u142 -
Who ever rated this movie a "B" THEY ARE SOOOOOOOOOOO DUMb!!! First of all Peter Pan (Jeremy Sumpter) is the hottest guy alive right now (besides Orlando Bloom)soooooooooooo just for that the movie would get a A-. Although i dont blame... Full review
Jun 24, 2006
joshuabsa -
I am a fan of the original Peter Pan story because of its underlying sadness and the questions about sanity and other big questions it asks. This version doesn't just kill all the interesting questions in the original, but it murders... Full review
Jun 02, 2006
cuinwonderland -
Peter Pan, a classic remembered through the ages. This film brought out the wondrous fairy tale expressed in the book, but also portrayed the sad and passionate feelings of love and growing up. The story blended in all aspects of genres:... Full review
De-Disneyfy yourself - SEE THIS FILM!!
Jan 08, 2006
kelkel85 -
The original stageplay which celebrates it centenary in 2004 is well served by this production. It remains faithful but not slavish to the original, with all additions or changes made to add to the story rather than detract from it. The... Full review
not your average peter pan...
Jan 08, 2006
sunkissedbabe017 -
This was such a great movie, I enjoyed every second of it. The story was just fabulous, and the cast was outstanding. They couldn't have picked a better actor to play Peter (Jeremy Sumpter). Wendy was delightful, and Hook was someone... Full review
peter pan
Sep 26, 2005
roxy_babe121 -
i thought this movie was the best!! deserved an A+++ peter pan is a foxy! he is HOTT! i dunno why this movie got such a pretty bad rating! this movie was good! peter pan is s0o hot!... Full review
Read Book First
Jul 08, 2005
w_young -
The fantacy film Peter Pan did not live up to my expectations. One of the inherent problems with this movie is directing kids with limited acting ability, followed with a poor english-accent, and a fantacy story line that was a hard... Full review
Jul 06, 2005
seip_c -
Why is every reviewer saying we don't need another pan movie. This movie is a holiday treat,everything jumps out of the screen with enough color to decorate a christmas tree, And that is a good thing.The story is good with enough... Full review
A Wonderful Movie!
Jun 06, 2005
acwatk -
I wasn't sure what to expect going into this movie. But I was definitely rewarded. This movie is beautiful! I loved the colors and visuals. The acting was also superb with Jason Isaacs playing a very convincing Hook and an adorabley... Full review
From the moment when I saw the first preview for this movie in the theaters, I was completely captivated. I've always loved the story of Peter Pan; I grew up watching the Disney and Mary Martin versions, and always thought... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Nov 14, 2008
The magic is still there and Hogan's vision of Peter Pan is very well done, especially the special effects. All the actors do an exemplary job in "Peter Pan. This movie's strongest point is it's sets and special effects. ... Full Review
| Sep 05, 2008
If you don't believe all that experience can come in handy, this involving and intelligent film will change your mind. The editor persuades Saint-Denis to appear on a local television interview show where he runs into the gorgeous Gabrielle Deneige (Ludivine Sagnier), the local weather girl, understandably considered "the sunshine of this station. ... Full Review
| Sep 04, 2008
Urban Cinefile
It tells, among other things, how PJ Hogan was the one who was determined to use Ludivine Sagnier, instead of some CGI work, and there are brief shots of him working with the remarkable French starlet. Like Through the eyes of Capt Hook (within the Pirates' Ship chapter), in which Jason Isaacs sillies his way through a short behind the scenes montage. ... Full Review
| Sep 04, 2008
Urban Cinefile
A visually sumptuous adventure for the whole family, Peter Pan invites us into the magical world of Neverland, where fairy dust never settles and our hearts are young forever. There are plenty of highlights and one of my favourite moments is when Peter Pan and Wendy dance through the air by a giant full moon, surrounded by the flickering wonders of brightly lit fireflies. ... Full Review
| Feb 24, 2005
In Disney, Pan wants Wendy to be his and the lost boys' mother and he seems oblivious to Wendy's romantic feelings for him. I think I would have enjoyed this movie if my children had been older. I liked this movie a lot ... Full Review


Better-known fantasy tales exists, but the story of "Peter Pan" has remained timeless throughout the years, originating in a book by J.M. Barrie. Cinematic incarnations have arose since, most notably the 1953 Disney animated feature, the 1960 Mary Martin-starrer, and... ... Full Article

The time is right to rekindle our relationship with J.M. Barrie's perpetually adolescent adventurer, Peter Pan . By now, you've probably forgotten Disney's 50-year-old animated adaptation of Barrie's work, and many of us are still trying to purge Steven Spielberg's... ... Full Article

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