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Amber And Anas
Nov 13, 2008
strs_brn_out - yahoo.com
We didn't watch the whole movie...but we did learn about in English class. It was good. The little that we saw had many symbols that were beautifully conveyed. Many of the visual aspects of this film showed through to the emotions... Full review
A very nice Shakespeare interpretation
Aug 23, 2006
that_one_chic13 - yahoo.com
After reading Othello in my AP English class, we watched the movie and I really enjoyed it. For the most part the movie follow the play almost line by line, and it was interesting to see the cast's adaptation of this... Full review
"Love not wisely but too well"
Aug 23, 2006
kilminster - yahoo.com
This is a film is about the destructive nature of jealousy.Othello The Moor marries Desdemona.Othello is play by Laurence Fishburne.Desdemona is play by Irene Jacob.Iago slowly poison Othello mind toward his wife Desdemona.Iago is play by Kenneth Brangh.The director Oliver Parker... Full review
Simply the best
Jun 01, 2006
artwk - imdb.com
For me, the Lawrence Fishbourne version of "Othello" is the best ever put on film. His performance is excellent, while not overpowering the villainous Iago. And the title role is played by a black man, as it should be, rather... Full review
Director Oliver Parker wanted to make Othello a more "pacy" story, so he omitted quite a lot of the original text when writing this version for the screen. Luckily, the cuts and alterations that he has made do little damage... Full review
Branagh and Fishburne, highly impressive!!
Jul 09, 2003
devil_may_cry_ldk_dante_sparda - imdb.com
As my Shakespeare Professor had mentioned, the part of Othello is highly challenging, which is why many don't perfect it or intend to play it. Larry Fishburne however did a magnificent job! He provided us an astonishing portrayal of how... Full review
shakespeare rules
Feb 06, 2003
gutterflower20 - imdb.com
shakespeare's plays have a way of transcending time. The language somehow breaks the time barrier. but perhaps it is the actors who really do that.after the disappointment in Romeo and Juliet (the version with Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio), was... Full review
Dark, Tragic, and Beautifully Shot
Dec 16, 2002
artemis_5 - imdb.com
You do not get more dark or tragic than "Othello" and this movie captures the play fairly well, with outstanding performances by Lawrence Fishburne and Irene Jacob. Fishburne's expresses to the viewer Othello's torment as he falls prey to Iago's... Full review
Dec 04, 2002
tedg - imdb.com
Spoilers herein.Possibly nothing is more fun than filmed Shakespeare, because few things offer as many paths for reflection. Shakespeare himself invented the reflective human in the first place, and the play itself has power. But anyone looking for this power... Full review
Shakespeare for beginners
Sep 10, 2001
bob the moo - imdb.com
I like the full versions of Shakespeare on film and will happily put in the effort for the reward. However I do like the cut versions (Richard III, Romeo & Juliet etc), yes they are for the short of attention... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Aug 01, 2008
Moviemaker Magazine, NY
Parker's "big idea" was to go further than previous versions in portraying the intense physical bond between Othello and Desdemona, telling interviewers that the play was "an erotic thriller," and insisting that previous screen adaptations had lacked passion. ... Full Review
| Aug 02, 1996
San Francisco Chronicle
Othello needs to be magnificent in speech and bearing. As it stands, this ``Othello'' is weak enough: miscast, passionless and with its text hacked to shreds. FILM REVIEW -- Film Does Less With Moor `Othello' lacks Bard's passion ... Full Review
| May 01, 1996
Boston Review
Othello is not a bad film, and it is cinematically beautiful Shakespeare's Othello speaks sublime poetry but he confirms Elizabethan stereotypes of race. The old warrior Othello loves Desdemona because she pities him, not because she excites him. ... Full Review
| Apr 06, 1996
Los Angeles Times
Thursday December 14, 1995 Laurence Fishburne is superb as the noble Moor of Oliver Parker's sleek, refreshingly unpretentious "Othello. He has said that he approached the play as an erotic thriller, and there is no question that the grand passion of Othello and Desdemona (Irene Jacob) ignites as well as illuminates Shakespeare's profound grasp of how fate and human psychology can conspire in intricate, inevitable fashion to bring about tragedy. ... Full Review
| Dec 29, 1995
San Francisco Chronicle
Parker and Branagh intend to give us Iago as the good cop gone bad, turned homicidal schemer in jealous rage when best-buddy Othello gives a plum job to somebody else. Fishburne's commanding, stony Othello and Jacob's dewy-eyed Desdemona generate enough heat to make the underlying love story feel fresh and vital. ... Full Review


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