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User Reviews

Great Western
Oct 11, 2008
dezertgirlscowboy -
By far the best western I have seen in recent years. Robert & Kevin are fantastic...what a great team they are!... Full review
Great Western
Jun 09, 2008
sandsan9 -
It's been a while since a good western has come along.Both Duval and Costner were excellent.The visuals were beautiful.All in all a really great western.... Full review
Genre more children's fairytale than action
Mar 16, 2008
omilam930 -
It is the expectation of what 10,000BC was supposed to be that has led to such low reviews. This movie was no "300" but could be enjoyed as a 'children's fairytale'. It was absurd that times which makes it the perfect... Full review
Good movie for everyone.
Mar 10, 2008
nofur98 -
I must say this movie really clicked with me. I had to watch it twice. Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall were absolutely awesome in this story about two men against the odds, but refuse to back down. I think what I... Full review
Fight Scenes
Jan 28, 2008
scream_1_us -
This movie is an incredible work of art. From the superb acting by Costner, Duvall, and Gambon to the simple, but intelligent and great storyline, this movie is great, but what really draws one to the movie are the fighting scenes.... Full review
Such a beautiful movie
Dec 22, 2007
tjack_61938 -
This movie has it all, great story, great acting, and beautiful cinematography. Indeed the book might have been anti-organization-that- decides-what-you- should-think-and-do. In this country, we need more people who are capable of thinking for themselves. So it's kind of a funny... Full review
The Most Realistic Western Gunfight Ever Made!!!!!
Dec 22, 2007
badtadabone2 -
Kevin Costner's OPEN RANGE was a very good attempt at realism during the latter days of the Old West. The movie is pretty good all the way through especially with Robert Duvall co-starring in his Best venue as an older cowboy.... Full review
Open Range
Aug 16, 2007
philyslam -
Not a bad western. I bought this movie and wish I would have just rented it. I was a little disapointed in that there was not enough action. Its worth seeing but not by no means one of my favorite westerns.... Full review
Duvall was fit for the roll
Aug 09, 2007
magpipe33 -
This is a great western film. Costner and Duvall are great together. I thought the acting of both of them was great. Duvall was fit for the roll. And incase you didnt no costner directed it. The action was excellent. Though... Full review
300 will rock your world
Mar 31, 2007
jdailey0303 -
This movie incorperates lots of violance and extremly good special effects. some sexual material, but thats not the focus of the movie. Basically, if you enjoy some gore and violance with great fighting, then this movie is a must.... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jun 08, 2009
Colorado Springs Independent
decent acting, by Duvall in particular; is generally lacking a sense of humor that might make such lines as "Barkeep, two whiskeys," go down a little smoother.....and the classic western setup, Open Range too often feels ponderous and silly..... ... Full Review
| Mar 24, 2009
Open Range - Costners Other Masterpiece....Every scene, including the violent ones, is beautifully shot.....Robert Duvall brings Boss Spearman to life as a peaceful, warm.... ... Full Review
| Mar 24, 2009
Open Range - Costners Other Masterpiece....Open Range (2003), directed by and starring Kevin Costner is good enough....Every scene, including the violent ones, is beautifully shot..... ... Full Review
| Dec 06, 2008
Open Range" is a very enjoyable movie with great acting by the entire cast. The film is a good two and a half hours long so I do not think many people will be put out by that omission. ... Full Review
| Nov 18, 2008
Killer Movie Reviews
Kevin has wisely hedged his bets here by casting Duvall as Charlie�s boss and best pal There is also a love-at-first sight romance, because, despite the running time, there�s no time for any other kind, between Charlie and town doctor�s sister, played by Annette Benning, who wears little makeup and looks bravely and beautifully her age. ... Full Review


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