My Sassy Girl


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Missed the point, even the non cultural ones.
Oct 29, 2008
Quiet Storm -
The problem with the remake is not that it's a remake, but just not a very good film. It is undecided in the sense that it's not sure whether it should copy the scenes from the original, shot for shot, or... Full review
Not My Sassy Girl and not a good romantic comedy
Sep 27, 2008
Fritz -
I came to see my Sassy Girl through a round about way. I first watched Ugly Aur Pagli, an Indian adaptation of this film which was mediocre but reminded me to watch the very good Korean film. Then I decided I... Full review
Sep 20, 2008
andreipantu -
A great movie. Some scenes were not as good as in the Korean original, but some I thought were actually better. It has a certain Hollywood flavor, with both its good and bad parts. It is for instance more melodramatic than... Full review
Bad remake
Aug 25, 2008
wittsss -
Im a big fan of the original Korean version. This Hollywood remake was a total failure. The screenplay was bad. The story was much less convincing than the original. In the original version, the girl was heartbroken, whose fiancé was killed... Full review
Don't be afraid of enjoying it
Aug 24, 2008
EvilTazman -
Yeopgijeogin geunyeo is one of my absolute favorite films. So when I heard it was being remade, I had the same reaction that most fans of the film did; I was disgusted. How could anyone attempt to capture the true greatness... Full review
Review for fans
Aug 14, 2008
cmiguelgr -
Sadly this was a bad remake. I'm a fan of the original, and this one didn't make to the standards of the original one. The script is so bad adapted, the characters are nothing like in the original and there are... Full review

Critics Reviews

| May 29, 2009
Times of India
My Sassy Girl is a sweet little entertainer for all you diehard romantics out there.....their zany affair keeps the reels rolling in an unusual love story with the usual heartbreak and happy home-comings..... ... Full Review
| Mar 22, 2009, India
Both fall flat chemistry wise....So, while Elisha Cuthbert (she plays Keifer Sutherland's daughter in "24") gets all teary-eyed and vulnerable, Mallika just looks she's out to punish all man-kind (and I mean that literally) by making them wear stilettos..... ... Full Review
| Aug 26, 2008
DVD Talk
Now, part of what makes the original My Sassy Girl a real achievement is the grand departure from gender stereotypes that the characters exude. That's a good capsulation of the feelings I had surrounding this "re-mix" of My Sassy Girl . ... Full Review
| Aug 26, 2008
Christian Spotlight on the Movie
The film opens with a brief background story on the hero, Charlie (Jesse Bradford), who we learn was raised by an old-fashioned, extremely "nice" couple, who have instilled in their offspring an extremely "nice" character. This proves to be an important backdrop for the ensuing storyline, which requires the viewer to believe that anyone would be "nice" enough to want to continue seeing "sassy" Jordan (Elisha Cuthbert), who from their first meeting is completely rude, disrespectful, and even downright cruel ... Full Review
| Aug 19, 2008
it seems many Asian movies translated into an American version simply  aren't as good.....There is, however, a strong message behind the romantic woes-a tale of destiny..... ... Full Review


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Report Violation packsy d lion (927 days ago)
superb movie---smashing performance frm elisha & charlie ------a heart touching movie ----itz a type of smile flavourd on ua tearz------
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