My Best Friend's Wedding


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A Frightening Comedy
Jan 05, 2008
casamartinez01 -
It was difficult to root for Julia Roberts. It would have been like rooting for Joan Crawford in "Queen Bee" or Gene Tirney in "Leave Her To Heaven" She's a latent nasty piece of work. A woman, we're told, intelligent, successful,... Full review
Rupret and Julia: What A Pair!
Dec 13, 2007
Semonejs -
When I first started watching, "My Best Friend\\'s Wedding", which was probably nearly 10 years after it hit the theatres I was thinking all through the movie, "I HATE THIS MOVIE!". Gosh, everything in me wanted to hate the movie and... Full review
Bitter and crude
Oct 02, 2007
Atreyu_II -
"My Best Friend's Wedding", really... Even though I don't dislike it, I can't say that I enjoy it either. This movie is intended to be a romantic comedy, but doesn't convince me because it fails. Yes, it has some humor and... Full review
Cute, sad, funny, enjoyable chick-flick.
Sep 03, 2006
landy2good -
I was truly surprised by this movie. First of all to see Julia Roberts play bad girl is quite refresing,Rupert Everett steals this movie completely. Cameron Diaz is engaging and very good. But, mostly I really liked the premise of this... Full review
"What would Lucy do in this situation?"
Jul 20, 2006
Isaac5855 -
Julia Roberts' considerable on screen charisma anchors MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING, a romantic comedy with a twist that may or may not have you cheering for our girl to come out on top. Roberts plays a food critic named Julianne... Full review
GOOD movie...
May 27, 2006
ajon17 -
Julia Roberts is awesome in this movie. She plays a a best friend to a guy who she thinks she is in love with. But he is engaged. She plots to end the engagement. Rupert Everett did an excellent job singing... Full review
This is a popcorn movie, a chick flick, that leaves a lot to be desired all around in the ethics department. Normally I am a huge fan of Julia Roberts but in this woeful tale, she fails to come across as... Full review
SOOOO Good!!
Mar 25, 2006
annakedd -
I love this movie, not only because it is truly what would happen if anything like this did happen in real life. But I also love it because she feels good in the end just like everyone watching the movie. Even... Full review
Julia is my fav
Mar 25, 2006
vanillagrl1_td -
Julia is my fav actress. This movie was one of my fav movies. Right next to pretty woman. This is way better then her other movie oh whats it called... runaway bride, ya that one lol... Full review
Dec 10, 2005
folkpoet80 -
This was one of those movies, which had everything in it. Drama, tears, outstanding humor, you name it. I almost didn't watch it after everyone I spoke with, labeled it as a "chick-flick". Forget about it. This is a grand movie.... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jan 29, 2009
Urban Cinefile
So they remain such a fabulous environment for a story, and that's what My Best Friend's Wedding had in spades, and it was a story that took place over a FOUR-DAY wedding. My Best Friend's Wedding has already become a popular and profitable hit, the only non-action film to top the US$100 million mark at the US box office, opening on the same day as Batman and Robin. ... Full Review
| Aug 01, 2008
Boxoffice Magazine
Mostly, though, the film suffers from a lack of a charismatic leading man.....Roberts and Diaz are both energetically exuberant as the dueling dames.... ... Full Review
| Jun 27, 2008
The Age
In 1984, director P. J. Hogan made a brilliant short film about a teenage boy's summer holiday on the Australian coast, Getting Wet. Then, like many courageous souls before him, he went to Hollywood, where he made My Best Friend's Wedding and became very famous indeed. ... Full Review
| Jun 01, 2007
Entertainment Insiders
Actor producer Ezra Baker received an Oscar for the hilarious short film. The story was turned into a 1960 live action short film. He won the Primios ACE Best Actor award for his performance. ... Full Review
| May 07, 2006
DVD Talk
The third season of Scrubs represents change and growth, not only for the characters but for the series itself, as it takes a step back from the raw slapstick comedy and strikes a delicate balance between outrageous humor and heartfelt drama. It blends outrageous sight gags and pratfalls with fast-paced and intelligent dialogue, all the while maintaining a heartfelt and often insightful emotional undercurrent. ... Full Review


TWILIGHT hunk KELLAN LUTZ and singer/actress MANDY MOORE are to play newl yweds in MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING star DERMOT MULRONEY's directorial debu t. The odd couple will star in Love, Wedding, Marriage, according to The H ollywood Reporter. ... Full Article

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