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User Reviews

I have been dying to see "Bajo la misma Luna" for the longest time and I finally got around to getting it today. I have to say I was really expecting it to be great with the promising synopsis... It... Full review
'The Straight Story,' Mexican-Style
Jul 19, 2008
ccthemovieman-1 - imdb.com
This certainly lived up to expectations of being "a nice movie," an involving story about a young Mexican boy who sneaks into the United States to try to find his mother in Los Angeles. She had been in L.A. for... Full review
A Timely Topic, An Uplifting Film
Jun 23, 2008
gradyharp - imdb.com
Sensitive director Patricia Riggen has, in LA MISMA LUNA (UNDER THE SAME MOON), succeeded in creating a story about the travails of the illegal immigrants from Mexico that serves as a reminder to all of us that one of the... Full review
Beautiful in the moonlight
Apr 13, 2008
Joseph - imdb.com
A mother gets up before the sun rises on Los Angeles to take the first of many buses to get to the first of her two housecleaning jobs. Elsewhere, in Mexico, her nine-year-old son still sleeps soundly in his bed.... Full review
A sentimental odyssey
Apr 06, 2008
aharmas - imdb.com
One can never accuse this film of reaching classic heights, but one can truly say it tries very hard, a little too hard at times. Throughout the film, there are moments that transcend its obvious attempts to manipulate its audience,... Full review
Do not let the idea of illegal immigration keep you from this film. If you are strongly against illegal immigration, I still recommend watching the film. Overall, it was done extremely well. So even if you are against the characters... Full review
Excellent Movie
Apr 03, 2008
travelintom - imdb.com
I just saw it. This is one of the best movies that I have ever, ever seen. It goes to my top five list. Regardless of your view on immigration issues, this is a wonderful and so very human story.... Full review
Excellent, touching, just incredible performances.
Mar 27, 2008
txaudience - imdb.com
I love this movie, and I'm sure anyone who is a mother,a father, a son, a daughter, would love this movie. The dialogue just feels so real, sincere because this story is just like the story of many people around... Full review
Fantastic! Definitely Worth Seeing!
Mar 11, 2008
OxyEskimo - imdb.com
I just saw this movie through the Los Angeles KCET Movies Series and it was absolutely fantastic! While the movie does contain a subtle political message, it is not meant to sway the audience in the illegal immigration debate. The... Full review
Sensitive, Well-Acted Film
Oct 15, 2007
kjpwench - imdb.com
I just saw this film at the Woodstock Film Festival and it was one of the highlights for me. I went in having no idea what to expect and was more than pleasantly surprised. There is not a note of... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jun 17, 2008
Rosarios determination and resilience ground the moral design of Under the Same Moon (La Misma Luna ). In another movie, such faith might seem admirable or ridiculous, a sustaining fiction or damaging delusion. ... Full Review
| Jun 17, 2008
In her debut feature, director Patricia Riggen pits her hero against all the familiar signposts of patriarchal authoritylaw enforcement, white people, and in this case, common sensein an attempt to solicit compassion she doesnt have to work for. Even at this most charming juncture, the film cannot help its more self-aggrandizing tendencies. ... Full Review
| Apr 04, 2008
Orlando Sentinel
The movie has a few too many unsympathetic "gringos," venal employers, scary Border Patrol agents and the like. La Misma Luna is an emotional and entertaining road picture about a little boy who crosses the Mexican border into the U.S. on a quest to find his mom. ... Full Review
| Mar 22, 2008
treating nearly all the Caucasian characters as horrible WASPy monsters who delight in tormenting their Mexican workers....."Moon" sermonizes on the issue by including bizarre soundtrack cuts....Moon" is a shamelessly sentimental tale of motherly love, yet Riggen isn't an assertive enough filmmaker to earn sniffles and smiles..... ... Full Review
| Mar 21, 2008
Cinema Blend
Filmed in various Mexican locations, La Misma Luna has a good feel for its geography and characters, aided greatly by an able and sympathetic cast of well-known Mexican actors. Its not the most subtle character transition, but Derbezs finely tuned sarcasm helps temper the sentimentality that threatens to take over from time to time. ... Full Review


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