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Do you believe in Miracle?
Oct 31, 2008
nak5555 - yahoo.com
I really love the movie. It was the best hockey movie I ever seen. It was like I was in the 1980 oloympics even though I wasn't born in 1980. It had alot of emotions. It wasn't just about the miracle... Full review
Miracle Review
Jul 26, 2008
mmayfield - yahoo.com
This was a wonderful movie, and I really enjoyed it. I'm not much of a hockey fan, but this movie was the best movie the depicted a sport that went on to win something great.... Full review
A fell good film
Jul 06, 2008
dogorangetexas - yahoo.com
Miracle does have moments of dullness but with the great actors that inspire the film in the end it works.... Full review
WOW what a difference a week makes
May 29, 2008
hossman3000 - yahoo.com
Last week crap like "You Got Served" was released which made me want to drink cyanide to forget the hour and half plus I wasted viewing the horrific "film". And then this week all has been forgotten with the releases of... Full review
It will take your breath away!
Apr 16, 2008
maddogg11231 - yahoo.com
When you are done viewing this film, you will sit back in your seat and say, "this is the land of the free and the home of the brave!" Just when you thought Americans were 2nd in the world, with all... Full review
Red,White and Cool
Feb 16, 2008
hi2linda - yahoo.com
I just watched it on TV 2/12/08 and it brought back the memory of watching it for real. It was a thrill in 1980 and it was great to see the determined young men and ingenious coach behind the scence. A-1... Full review
Feb 12, 2008
musicguy2341 - yahoo.com
This is now one of my favorite movies. It's amazing to see how that team back then could beat the best team in the world. They're all really cut out for the parts. Kurt Russlel is perfect for the coach. It's... Full review
A Little Short Of A Miracle
Feb 08, 2008
thejoker10110 - yahoo.com
Miralcle is a good Disney sports movie, but it is probably their weakest attempt thus far. I still recommend it because it is still good movie. It is a moving movie, so if you like those you will probably like this.... Full review
view from the opposite side
Jan 29, 2008
aesterlis - yahoo.com
I was 11 years old back in Russia watching this game. Frankly, I had no idea at that time what type of impact this game had here in America. For a long time we took victories of our team for granted,... Full review
Nov 08, 2007
lightspeednate - yahoo.com
This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole movie. It is a must see movie full of action.... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Feb 07, 2010
a good movie to gear up for the Olympics....Aside from a great cast and production team, what I love about 'Miracle' is the attention to detail.....One of my favorite actors, Patricia Clarkson , plays his wife.... ... Full Review
| Aug 02, 2004
Based on the real-life story of 20 champions, who collectively restored the faith of an ailing nation, elevating patriotism, bravery, determination, and teamwork to a whole new level, Miracle is more than just a great hockey movie. Diehard hockey fans will undoubtedly applaud Miracle 's triumphant reenactment of that monumental game, likely calling on the most exciting ice hockey sequence ever captured on film. ... Full Review
| May 11, 2004
DVD MovieGuide
To match the color schemes of the era, the palette of Miracle tended toward the somewhat heavy and slightly garish side. Ultimately, the picture of Miracle suffered from few obvious flaws, but it occasionally seemed a bit too undefined and muddy to merit anything about a "B". ... Full Review
| May 11, 2004
DVD MovieGuide
Miracle needs less "feel good" happiness and more detail. Ultimately, the picture of Miracle suffered from few obvious flaws, but it occasionally seemed a bit too undefined and muddy to merit anything about a "B". ... Full Review
| Feb 15, 2004
The Flick Filosopher
He's a bastard with his heart in the right place, and his moment, all alone under the stands, when his kids beat the Russians, and even by himself he can barely let go enough to rejoice in it, is a little piece of wonderful acting by Russell. Director Gavin O'Connor's best- known previous film -- and he's made only a few -- is 1999's Tumbleweeds , a slow- moving chick flick (one of the good ones), and here he's at the opposite end of the spectrum, all guys who can't talk about, you know, things, and only k ... Full Review


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