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User Reviews

Oct 22, 2008
saad20051989 - yahoo.com
this movie is a big bomb in the middle of Spielberg's movies it's entertaining to the eyes and freshner to the mind make you think a lot with the special conspiracy theory that make it really thrilling and full of action.... Full review
Aug 27, 2008
lucy72008 - yahoo.com
Steven Spielberg, Samantha Morton, Tom Cruise, Colin Farrel Philip K. Dick story!! How can you go wrong? I expected a lot from this movie and I was not disappointed! Gripping storyline, edge of your seat action, excellent acting... So many great... Full review
Aug 03, 2008
lewy1525 - yahoo.com
It is a movie that you will need to see more than once to fully grasp. However, it is a very good movie nonetheless. Cruise's performance is very good and the visuals are great. If your favorite color is blue, you'll... Full review
The Best Movie I have ever seen
Jul 13, 2008
jeffmara - yahoo.com
This is potentially the best movie I have ever seen. I love movies in the future. This had everything, action, drama and horror. I have never seen a better movie in my life and I don't think I ever will.... Full review
Minority Report is good but not great
Jul 11, 2008
dogorangetexas - yahoo.com
This is an exhilerating and breathtaking thriller. Tom Cruise gives off another great performance. Even when some scenes were a liitle wierd it still deserves two thumbs up.... Full review
Great Movie
Jun 13, 2008
chosenchad - yahoo.com
I really enjoyed this. Great story and I like the futuristic look of thinkgs. You would think that a world without crime is perfect but this movie shows that there are still flaws in a crimeless world. Highly recommend this... Full review
Mar 17, 2008
lpeslava - yahoo.com
Scary that society could try and probably would try to do this someday. Good visuals and story lines. I enjoyed this movie and it leaves you thinking this could happen...... Full review
My Minority Report
Feb 24, 2008
boiler_guy1 - yahoo.com
The Minority Report card gets a solid "A" for top-notch movie escapism, amazingly tense and kick-ass action scenes, the tandem starpower of Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise and broad strokes of tomorrowland cool. (Oh, and it totally makes up for A.I..)... Full review
Excellent movie, but, not really entertaining
Feb 23, 2008
allconsoffun - yahoo.com
Ok, this movie has great acting, directing, and visuals - it's like you are back in the early 1900's. But, it's not a movie I would ever want to see again. It is very long and a bit tedious. It is... Full review
A terrific film
Feb 15, 2008
marvinlvrd - yahoo.com
This movie is really worth seeing,Steven Spielberg did a wonderful job I really loved this movie,amazing and jaw dropping special effects,the performances are great.this is one of my favorite sc-fi movies of all time.... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Sep 11, 2008
Urban Cinefile
An exhilarating futuristic thriller-noir, Minority Report twists the best of technology around a gripping story, delivering a riveting, pulse intensifying escapist adventure of the first order. Cruise is back at his best enigmatic and charismatic. ... Full Review
| Jun 01, 2008
delivers a dazzling and charismatic performance.....Spielberg still grinds some truly kinetic action sequences out of the premise that feel markedly more like his kind of work..... ... Full Review
| May 02, 2005
Bigpicturebigsound.com, NY
when we succeed, it can be beautiful to watch.....when an old standard story is set against a fantastic backdrop.....At its heart, it is a standard "hero gets framed" story.....He shows his range more than ever here and he is given a strong supporting cast, notably Max von Sydow, Samantha Morton and Colin Farrell.....It is exciting to watch a director who is in such complete control of storytelling and vision..... ... Full Review
| Jan 23, 2003
Urban Cinefile
Minority Report is what it set out to be: a fast, gripping thriller, aimed at a mass market of idealists who love to see the right guys do the right thing - against all odds. The faultless presentation and technical clarity of the dual layer Disc 1 delivers Minority Report into your head directly (especially if you're speaker-surrounded) and if you have not seen the film on the big screen, make sure you are comfortable before you start watching. ... Full Review
| Jan 08, 2003
Minority Report" is a terrific film from an aesthetics angle....This movie looks good.....With "Minority Report" Spielberg and the brilliant cinematographer Janusz Kaminski have fashioned a good looking picture....The special effects, in particular the "spider" creatures.... ... Full Review


The ten worst tech film moments are back - though we've been here before, haven't we? Back in September 2007, when we asked which the worst technology fu... goof was in a film . ... Full Article

Have you ever seen a movie trailer before they filmed a single frame of the movie? watch: You might have recognized borrowed images from Avatar , The Island , and Minority Report among others. ... Full Article

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