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Jan 04, 2009
rosscsanford -
Excellent casting, excellent actors, excellent story, excellent movie!!! Sean Penn became Harvey Milk. This is the best acting job I have seen from him. He is astonishing!!!... Full review
Jan 03, 2009
bawbaw4u2 -
Shake your booty over to the theater to see this great movie.Sean Penn was excellent. The general story is somewhat tipocal but well told.... Full review
amandaeshank Award winning proformance
Jan 03, 2009
Sean did a great job with this movie. I don't know if the plot is very believable in todays time but I really think that Sean Penn made the movie. I also look for him to be nominated for some type of award because of this. It is kinda refreshing to see a movie so out of the box as this.
joker420 Doesn't matter if gay or straight
Jan 03, 2009
I knew nothing about this movie when i bought the ticket. I would normally have never went and saw it, but im glad that i did. it actually made me think about the way that i looked at gay people. I never had hatred or anything towards them. I just thought that it was there lifestyle, their choice. The movie made me actually realize that a gay politician may be the best thing ever for this country. The caring and uplifting spirit Harvey Milk had showed real enthuasism and caring. I know that it would never happen in the world we live in today, but one day it will. This made a what if statement, and i think that when the day straight people are put to the test they will see it isn't that bad.
Great movie
Jan 02, 2009
merle9999 -
Sean Penn was completely believable and gave a compelling performance. Josh Brolin and James Franco as well took their characters and gave them conviction, convincing personality and depth. The story is amazing, the movie has good timing and flow. Go see... Full review
Fantastic performances and insightful script
Jan 02, 2009
sariena_carmichael_98 -
I just saw this film today and was stunned into silence. As someone personally affected by inequality in the legal arena, the film was particularly relevant for me. However, the courageous and bold performances by the members of the cast, lent... Full review
nottylerdurden Penn's Performance is the best Part
Jan 02, 2009
I didn't really enjoy this movie too much. Sean Penn does a decent job leading this movie, but overall it was missing something. The story wasn't that exciting to me, and a lot of the moments in the movie felt forced. I didn't find myself laughing, or even very engaged throughout most of the movie. The story wasn't nearly as sad to me as I think it should have been. Perhaps I've just become desensitized to violence, but I really wanted more from this movie. I'm sure it will get nods given the subject matter, and people will call it a brave story of a true hero. To me though, while I realized the importance of the actual individual Harvey Milk, as a movie, this one just didn't do it for me.
Jan 01, 2009
rdobbins93 -
With a sold out theater on a Thursday night, Milk did not disappoint. Though at times it seemed slow, overall the movie was well written and historically accurate. Sean Penn had another brilliant performance along with James Franco. This movie is... Full review
a must watch
Jan 01, 2009
matanzelver -
educational, empowering, emotional, moving. Must be seen by anyone celebrating human rights and dignity. A must see for gay rights activists and those fighting the line between conseratives and libers.... Full review
Good movie. Slow start.
Jan 01, 2009
germanlearner -
Since Milk is only playing at two theaters in the this half of the state, I had to make an effort to see the movie. It didn't grab me from the very begining as I'd thought it would, however the opening... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jul 19, 2009
Urban Cinefile
Another reason to see Gus Van Sant's gritty film is....The casting and performances are all first class and Diego Luna is especially endearing as Jack Lira, the neurotic, paranoid lover who cannot help.... ... Full Review
| Jun 24, 2009
Gus Vant Sant has brought to life the very moving and inspiring story of a young man who chose to lead.... ... Full Review
| Jun 24, 2009
Telegraph, UK
Gus Van Sant does it with Milk, his remarkably joyful film about California's first openly gay elected official and all-round homosexual saint.....Oscars went to Dustin Lance Black's timely, forceful script and to Sean Penn, who disappears into the lead role almost magically -.... ... Full Review
| Jun 16, 2009
Brolin is impressive as the troubled Dan White....Milk is tragically killed by a mentally disturbed colleague Dan White (Josh Brolin) who is actually as intriguing as Milk.....But the best of the supporting cast has to be Josh Brolin.....The strong point is clearly the cast.....James Franco plays the long suffering lover and the chemistry between him and Penn is charged and believable..... ... Full Review
| May 26, 2009
Skip Milk's extras and go watch Rob Epstein's outstanding doc The Times Of Harvey Milk instead.....As soon as Sean Penn turned that frown upside down to play '70s gay politician Harvey Milk, this year's Best Actor Oscar was in the bag.....No flag of pride for Milk's extras, which comprise dull deleted scenes and three featurettes..... ... Full Review


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