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User Reviews

quite a delight.
Dec 28, 2008
amazingxace -
i really enjoyed watching this movie with my reminiscent mommy. she and i had fun and the story was delightful. great movie. meryl streep knows how to capture an audience.... Full review
Perfect fun!
Dec 20, 2008
happycatpaws -
I was almost discouraged from seeing this movie by reading not so glowing reviews when it first came out. Proves that you need to form your own opinion because this is my new favorite movie!It is just a good time movie... Full review
things best about it
Dec 18, 2008
lkathleenr -
Mamma mia a movie with a story to tell. The things i loved was the music but the acting was the best it is realy sad at the end for all the moms talking about how the daughter is leaving if... Full review
great fun
Dec 16, 2008
say24hey -
So what if Pierce can't sing or dance......this is just a fun movie. Meryl Streep shows new talents and is a delight, as is the rest of the cast. Seen it 4 times on Broadway, 3 times in the movies, and... Full review
mama mia
Dec 16, 2008
linbear18 -
mama mia best movie love it so did my 4 year granddaughter, she knows all the songs love to sing along with the cd. a must to see.... Full review
Dec 16, 2008
jorgeyankee -
I saw the theather version in London 2 years ago, so i waited a lot to see this film. And I´m not dissapointed. Great performances, the songs, the visuals, everything is so good here. Recomended, by far!... Full review
Awsome Movie
Dec 16, 2008
gigglesquad_117 -
This was one of the best movies i have ever seen. I have always been a fan of Musicals and i think this movie is on my top movie list ever...AWSOME MOVIE!!!!... Full review
Dec 15, 2008
lclllpz -
ive watched it 21 times and its the best movie ived ever watched in my entire is fun,funny,and meryl streep is such a good actress... Full review
love that abba
Dec 15, 2008
bossbitch_21680 -
i loved the musical production of mamma mia. after all you cant go wrong when you add the music of abba, but this was a great watch, and i don't regret spending money to see. it was joyous and it made... Full review
Dec 14, 2008
mrissmart -
The movie was done very well. The actors / actresses, and crew did a very good job at making that play a movie! Greece looks very beautiful. The ABBA songs were very lively and fun to listen to. I am suprised... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Nov 26, 2009
The actor has heard rumors a follow-up to the successful 2008 movie musical is in the works....British star Dominic Cooper is desperate to star in a Mamma Mia!.... ... Full Review
| Nov 19, 2009
DVD Town
Either the critics that lambasted the film were woefully wrong....I enjoyed everything about the film.....while others felt it was absolutely horrendous.....Her voice is the real gem of this film.....fortunately I didn´t find much to dislike about "Mamma Mia!.... ... Full Review
| Nov 10, 2009
DVD Talk
A refreshingly upbeat musical....More importantly, as with many stage and movie musicals, plot and realism are secondary concerns subservient to emotional verisimilitude....Streep is's hard not to surrender to the film's mostly joyous sensibility.....This is an infectious musical in the best sense of the word..... ... Full Review
| Aug 24, 2009
PegasusNews, TX
The duo execute some of the best comedy in an already light and funny story....The latter offered one of the weakest songs in the all about ABBA's upbeat, catchy music.....Some of the songs fit the scenes very well, almost....The physical comedy is also well done..... ... Full Review
| Mar 15, 2009
The singing in this movie if AWFUL.....I don't like it with the ABBA music either.The movie stars Amanda Seyfried, Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, and Stellan Skarsgard.....Most of the actors from Meryl Streep to Pierce Brosnan are almost unbearable to watch and listen to..... ... Full Review


Looks like Meryl Streep and MAMMA MIA! director Phyllida Lloyd are putting together a movie about former Brisith Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The mighty Jim Broadbent is in talks to appear as Thatcher's husband Denis. ... Full Article

In a break from filming her new US reality show in Hollywood, Mel B joked: "It should have happened a long time ago!" The singer said she was especially excited to have the producer behind Abba musical Mamma Mia! helping... ... Full Article

American beauty Kristen Stewart has been voted the 'Best Young Actress', in a new survey. The 20-year-old actress fought off competition from the likes of Carey Mulligan and Michelle Williams to land the honour, Contactmusic reported. ... Full Article

Mamma Mia! star Dominic Cooper, who is portraying Saddam Hussein's son in an upcoming movie, has termed the role as the most "horrible" and "difficult" for him. ... Full Article

Dear Liam Byrne, Your hilarious (sic) joke about there being no money left was a bit of a downer to the start of last week. ... Full Article

The pair, who met while starring in Mamma Mia! together in 2008, have decided to part ways temporarily, but sources claim the couple could still get back together. ... Full Article

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Report Violation Hope (1210 days ago)
I do not get bored watching this movie. Love all the music in this movie and the stars. Great job!!!!
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