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User Reviews

Well, I really like it.
Oct 21, 2007
Robin Pittis -
Why do so many people assume this is a poorly constructed film? It definitely forced me to make an effort, but I appreciate that. It did have a slowness of pace that might turn some people off, but I took that... Full review
I need to respond first to the creative lambasting that precedes my comments. Not only are you dead wrong, but it is precisely this kind of facile dismissal that holds back American film. This is an experimental European independent film masked... Full review
Aug 10, 2006
jj-hunsecker -
I loved this movie -- not your typical indie. Don't be fooled by the DVD artwork this is not a thriller! it's weird and funny with a romantic feel. This is the real New Orleans; offbeat characters and way too much... Full review
"Not a horror movie......just a horror of a movie"
Mar 23, 2003
Joseph Riesenbeck -
If ever I have seen a worse movie, I can't remember it. While browsing around a Video Store one day, my girlfriend picked this up out of the bargain bin for about five bucks because she said that it looked like... Full review
Not for everyone, but...
Nov 22, 2002
...if you like observing the world of the indolent, directionless elite of inherited wealth and watch them fritter away their aimless lives at the country club causing mischief for entertainment, then you might like this film. I did. Except for one... Full review
A Lamentable Attempt at Filmmaking
Jul 11, 2002
jhclues -
Everybody likes a good mystery and a good movie, and together the two make a potent combination; unfortunately, you get neither with `Lush,' written and directed by Mark Gibson, a film that leads you down the path apparently for no other... Full review
May 19, 2002
flimbuff -
If you like confusing flashbacks, good cinematography, competent acting and like to solve puzzles, this may be the film for you. The problem with this production is that after you take the time to solve the puzzle you realize that you've... Full review
Someone finally got it right
Apr 15, 2002
Sookiebaby -
Lush may not be a ground breaking film but it does one thing exceptionally well - it captures the look, feel and slow pacing of life in New Orleans just right. For me this is the Anti- "Big Easy". It manages... Full review
Good black comedy flick, but not for everyone
May 03, 2000
Hollywood Freak -
Mark Gibson, who is a master of using mirrors in shots, directs this gem which will probably never get a wide release. Campbell Scott, who was great in Singles and The Spanish Prisoner, really gets to shine here in a unsympathtic... Full review

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