Life Stinks (Life Sucks)


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User Reviews

Funny Movie
Sep 01, 2006
gym_monkey24 -
Funny Movie!! Loved It!!! I Laughed The Whole Time! I Give It All A+s. I Can't Wait to See It Again!... Full review
Great Date Movie!
Mar 29, 2005
blackcaligirl -
I LOVED this movie. It is really hillarious. My (then) husband and I laughed 'til we cried. I would recommend this for a Blockbuster night or an at home date. It'll help break the ice. Nothing's better than laughter. Enjoy!... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Feb 18, 2003
DVD Talk
Life Stinks is a miscalculation from a once-great comedy director. Life Stinks is worth a rental. MGM presents Life Stinks in a good anamorphic-widescreen transfer of the film's original 1.85:1 theatrical presentation. ... Full Review
| Feb 14, 2003
DVD Town
The movie is only sporadically humorous.....In any case, "Life Stinks," from 1991, has the distinction of being possibly the man-of-all-talent's least successful comedy.....the derelict characters Bolt meets in the story are all lovable, eccentric, kookie caricatures..... ... Full Review

DVD Town
insulting the way so many new comedies are....The film is pretty average.....It's never bad, mind you, never stupid....Life Stinks" compounds its problem of being too static by tending to sentimentalize everything, to become preachy, and simply to not be very funny.....found the picture quality good but not exceptional..... ... Full Review

At-A-Glance Film Reviews
Perhaps if Brooks had decided whether this was going to be a social satire or slapstick comedy, instead of attempting an awkward integration of the two, or maybe if he were just a bit less preachy, Life Stinks would have been better. Sporadically, the film is hilarious, but as a whole, it's unfulfilling. ... Full Review


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