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User Reviews

It's fun to be a panda
Jan 22, 2009
dwe1963 - yahoo.com
this summer is was fun to be a panda Jack Black and the others made this a memorable film the visuals were outstanding clear and crisp... Full review
Perfect Panda
Jan 22, 2009
jillmarie_04 - yahoo.com
Loved this movie, I usually loathe the thought of watching a childrens movie. Jack Black makes the graphics and the voice exactly what it needed. Im sure the movie cost more than they made, but its very nice and good for... Full review
Best movie ever.
Jan 21, 2009
frankzappa09 - yahoo.com
As the title suggests, this is the best movie of its kind ever made. Well done Dreamworks, and i hope to see a sequel down the line!... Full review
Loved every second of it
Jan 19, 2009
tony_moreno_rocks - yahoo.com
I seriosly love this movie I have been waiting to see this movie and finally yesterday I saw it for the first time and OMG loved every second of it I really hope they make another one because this was just... Full review
There is no price for awesomeness
Jan 18, 2009
hbaxamoosa - yahoo.com
Kung Fu Panda is an awesome (pardon the pun!) movie for the whole family. Jack Black has done a wonderful job as the Panda (aka. Dragon Warrior!).... Full review
Jan 10, 2009
kawaiimariofan - yahoo.com
An amazing film! I can't say anything bad about it! Because animated films have been so boring and uncreative lately I was reluctant to see it, but I'm so glad I did! And thank God....NO HIDDEN ADULT HUMOR >_<... Full review
Jan 10, 2009
animal.king - yahoo.com
comeon! Bs and Cs! This was awesome. The idea of it being lower than a B+ is wierd! It's kid friendly and fun what's not to love?... Full review
Not what i thought it t be!
Jan 09, 2009
tamdas8 - yahoo.com
I thought Kung poo Fanda would be one of those boring 3 year old animation movies with lame humour and no sence of action or anything half decent But instead i got a crappy storyline with some good visuals and very... Full review
The funniest animated movie ever!!
Jan 07, 2009
dominicosullivan23 - yahoo.com
Kung Fu Panda is a great movie. The comedy was outstanding as was the voices of the charecters. Each actor suited the charecter perfectly. No one could ever have been Po, the panda except Jack Black!! The movie has a number... Full review
A movie for kids.
Jan 04, 2009
fgfmar - yahoo.com
Well, I must admit the visuals were very good! However the story was terrible. While I watched it I could predict every thing that was going to happen. But kids would enjoy this movie very well. So rent it, don't buy... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Apr 10, 2009
making Po the Dragon Warrior of legends.This movie is one of the best animation films i have ever seen.....has an overall good storyline..... ... Full Review
| Feb 17, 2009
The plot salutes classic martial arts movies played out in an animal world.....One of the biggest failings of computer-generated films has been the use of light and dark.....This movie is so awesome the price of the ticket would skyrocket.....Kung Fu Panda" should be an unqualified hit.....The films also must be smart enough to entertain the adults who took the children to the theater..... ... Full Review
| Feb 15, 2009
Deseret News
It was pretty fun....a bad movie....my favorite movie.... ... Full Review
| Feb 03, 2009
Just Jared
The 71-year-old actor recently took home an Annie Award for best voice actor in the film Kung Fu Panda . Dustin voiced the character for Shifu, the martial arts master. ... Full Review
| Feb 02, 2009
Toronto Star
Kung Fu Panda also won Annies for best animated video game, animated effects, character animation in a feature production, character design, directing, musical score, production design, storyboarding and writing. LOS ANGELES - Kung Fu Panda was the big winner at the 36th annual Annie Awards, capturing 11 prizes, including best animated feature and voice acting in an animated feature for Dustin Hoffman. ... Full Review


Cyrus Voris and Ethan Reiff, who wrote the Kung Fu Panda story, have been hired to write the sequel to The Karate Kid . The first film, starring Jackie Chan, Jaden Smith and Taraji P. ... Full Article

'Megamind' is released across the US from November 5th and the UK from December 3rd. From the studio that brought you "Shrek," "Madagascar" and "Kung Fu Panda." ... Full Article

Nearly every MTV Movie Awards show has them: those clever movie spoofs that send up the very best of the year's hit films at the same time that much respect is paid toward Hollywood's finest creations. ... Full Article

DreamWorks Animation? has teamed up with Royal Caribbean International? to bring the next evolution of family programming and entertainment onboard Allure of the Seas, sailing in December 2010. ... Full Article

Terence Dunn, who describes himself as a writer-producer-teacher-philosopher and says he "pioneered the practice of tai chi, kung fu and qigong in modern medicine," claims in a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court that he originated the idea... ... Full Article

"Kung Fu Panda" is, in my opinion, the best DreamWorks Animation release to date. It is no surprise then that I am eagerly anticipating the 2011 sequel, "Kung Fu Panda: The Kaboom of Doom." ... Full Article

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