Krishna Cottage


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| Feb 27, 2004
Suna Suna' that follows next is the sole slow track in the album, which is a cry of 'pyaar and dil bekaraar and intezar'.....while the song should be listed as one of the good romantic songs to have been composed this year..... ... Full Review
At heart " Krishna Cottage " is a story of unrequited love and its horrific aftermath. In terms of the background, mood and visual effects, " Krishna Cottage " gets its packaging process correct. ... Full Review

Apun ka Choice
Although it does have its share of spooky moments, they are either too commonplace and trite or few and far between.....Sohail Khan's bland face is void of any terror-filled emotions one got to see in Bhoot .....But the director has relied too heavily on stylistic presentation of an ineffectively penned story.....Intended to be a horror flick, 'Krishna Cottage' aims to scare a viewer by the sheer appeal of its visual style, technique and background soundtrack..... ... Full Review


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