Knocked Up


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User Reviews

Worth seeing.....for adults!
Jun 27, 2008
keller1125 -
Don't take your kids to see this but for adults it's definitely worth it. Funny material, great acting, relatively realistic (except for when she is visibly pregnant- the belly needs a lot of work), and more romance than expected. Makes you... Full review
Perfect In Every Way
Jun 08, 2008
garza3raj -
This was the movie that got me into Judd Apatow's work, because I saw 40 year old virgin (and loved it) but did not think there would be another film like it. This was even better because of the very raunchy... Full review
The most laughs I've had since Porky's
Jun 03, 2008
apidesigner -
I don't find a lot of today's comedies funny, because I'm not a fan of Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller or Owen/Luke Wilson. I saw Knocked Up at a promotional showing last night with a packed theater. I laughed at the American... Full review
Top 5 movie of all time!
May 30, 2008
heelsandgolfrul -
This movie was seriously one of the best movies that I have ever seen. There was great acting, original storylines (for those of you who thought it wasn't), and had great lines. It was hilarious!! Although it had cussing, the movie... Full review
best movie of the summer
May 27, 2008
bebeducrak -
I heard this movie was great, went in with high expectations, and was still surprised how much I liked.... Full review
Was there a point?
May 26, 2008
somewhereno_one_goes -
I will admit that this movie did have a lot of potential, it had a very simple almost predictable storyline which was easy to gauge and at times was almost unbearably embarrasing. I would mostly advise this film to boys, it's... Full review
Truly Interesting...
May 02, 2008
paigeallyn -
I was interested in this movie because of Katherine Heigl, unfortunately I thought this was a bad choice for her! I couldn't believe how the directors could have thought some of these scenes were funny or captivating. I was truly disappointed.... Full review
Not Good
May 02, 2008
boatright32780 -
This movie could have been good if it weren't for ... well everything. The language was horrible, any developmentally arrested teen could have come up with most of the dialog. I am not a sensitive person but I was completely insulted.... Full review
NC-17 would have been more appropriate
Apr 19, 2008
fifthhour2002 -
This was not a bad movie, but I would have liked to know what I was getting myself in to. There are plenty of very funny clips in the movie. But the "f-word" was thrown around WAY too much for my... Full review
not even great acting could save this piece of cra
Mar 23, 2008
tierney_josh -
i went into knocked up expecting great tings what a big dissipointment,it was real crude,not real funny,and the story didint fit together that good god how gay 1 star... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jul 24, 2009
It's hard to empathize with Heigl's character, so thorny and shrill for the first half of the movie, so dumb....Younger Heigl had the most promising movie career of all Grey's girls....Heigl violates every archaic, unspoken rule of being America's box-office sweetheart.....Heigl has fared pretty well on the big screen....Heigl wants all the sympathy for herself..... ... Full Review
| Nov 19, 2008
Killer Movie Reviews
They play the drama and the humor comes through because it's the humor of human folly, with all its glorious, illogical foibles. Apatow's particular talent here is for deriving the humor from the very real confusion that everyone in the film is experiencing. ... Full Review
| Nov 08, 2008
DVD Town
This is a very funny movie with some very serious themes. It is certainly a very funny film and does have its share of adolescent bedroom, beer and drug humor, but behind all of the laughs, there is a serious and heartwarming story. ... Full Review
| Nov 04, 2008
Defamer Australia, Australia
And it didn't even do it well: The film infringes trademark rights over the duo's most famous song, "Soul Man", Moore alleges. We have a better idea: Make all the porn comedies you want, just don't release them on Halloween behind a campaign featuring sanitized TV spots and stick figures of Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks. ... Full Review
| Oct 31, 2008
Philadelphia Inquirer
a genuinely funny writer.... ... Full Review


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