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Aug 29, 2007
sharankandhai -
This one is surely one of Amitabh most underrated classics. Amitabh's third film with Mukul Anand (after Agneepath and Hum) in a phase in which he had no hits except for Hum. When this film was launched it had sanjay... Full review
Amitabh & Sridevi play Pathans well
Apr 18, 2006
Humzah Al-Akku -
Great film...thought amitabh bachan did well playing the part of a Muslim pathan (hard to do when every other film he plays a hindu - being one of course). Good traditional plot with emotional twists and some fantastic characters in... Full review
Its not an afghani film !!!!
Aug 20, 2002
yenjvoy -
This is not an afghani film!!!! Its a bollywood potboiler, starring all Indians - not one Afghani actor. Only a few scenes were shot in Afghanistan, during the rule of the Communist Dr Najibullah, when Kabul was a civilised city,... Full review
romance and adventure galore
Jul 18, 2000
beenaananda -
shot on actual locations in afghanistan nepal and india this film transports youto a world of subcontinental adventure and romance intelligent colourful and sensitively directed this film is a must for viewers who would like to see an indian spielberg... Full review
Brilliant movie of sacrifice!!!!
Sep 29, 1999
Megha -
This was a wonderful movie which had so much to offer. It shows us how love can mean sacrifice. It was truly refreshing watching this movie. Badshah Khan and Benazier are simply too good. I'd write this down as a... Full review
May 31, 2008
interesting classic film, reminds me of veer-zaara. Sridevi looking awesome in this film, she's got excellent performance aswell. At the start big b lets sridevi win a game and he falls for her. She will only marry him if he kills her father killer, so big b goes to kill him. He kills the person and but the cops catch him, and give him 30 days till they arrest him. So he goes bck hme, marries sridevi and hands himself to the police. In jail sridevi is pining for her love and has a child (sridevi in double role). Several circumstances come up when big b has to take the rap for his friends and gets an even harsher sentence. He tells his friend that he shud forget about him and tell his family aswell. They move abroad, the mum is in a mental condition and sridevi in a double role finds out that her real father is alive in india. So she goes looking for him, here she falls in love, meets the people her father had helped and she meets with big b herslf. After big b realizes his sins he has done to his wife for his selfish acts, he apoligizes to his daughter and goes to meet his best friend and wife. But theyhave come into the possession of the brother he had killed at the start, and big fight scene happens. The baddies get killed and sridevi and big b are reunited and her condition stabilizes.

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