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very touching film
Apr 02, 2006
daniel Carbajo López - imdb.com
A dictatorship starts in Argentina, and Harry's family is against nowadays dictator, so, to avoid being killed, they have to hidden in a isolated place. How is this for a typical ten-year-old boy? how can cope with all the things that... Full review
See it if you get the chance
Aug 26, 2005
mylesy27 - imdb.com
I watched this as part of a film festival 2 years ago and it still lives with me today. As tender and compelling a depiction of love within a family as it is an indictment of the atrocities of the Argentinian... Full review
Emotional, suggestive , impressive
Apr 10, 2005
melle-smit - imdb.com
This film leaves you all possibilities to form your own impressions. From the beginning till the end there are no data which supply you information about the the characters, what was their fault, what did they do and what would happen... Full review
Once upon a time there was a family close to Kamchatka
May 27, 2004
alejandro-luque - imdb.com
(I think there will not be spoilers) For people who used to play T.E.G. (a society game) the power of a bridge-country in the world map is a well known stuff. Kamchatka is about the resistance of a family, just at... Full review
A great example of the new Latin American Cinema
Feb 15, 2004
sympathique - imdb.com
This movie exudes the finesse and maturity of Latin American cinema of the new millenium. Long gone is the exploitation of magical realism and the cult of the exotic. The noble savage gives way to universal characters with very complex feelings.... Full review
China attacks Kamchatka
Nov 29, 2002
agent_starling_1999 - imdb.com
Like "Harry", I always enjoyed playing TEG. If you have never played it, don´t worry, for it´s actually pretty simple: one board with fifty countries, and three or four players trying to control 30 of them to win the game. But... Full review
Oct 11, 2002
German Kijel - imdb.com
Marcelo Piñeyro reveals all his quality in this touching story. Darin and Roth are a couple that have to escape from the dictatorship from Argentina, and in this run they must leave all their lives back. Who most suffer this lost... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Oct 30, 2002
Ese es un valor original poerque ningun director de aca se habia ocupado de eso. El piquete del Unimog militar deteniendo automóviles en la calle parece un control actual de Gendarmería en Puente de La Noria, a tal punto llega la ridiculez que cuando el militar videlista ve a Cecilia Roth como una "mamá bien" con sus dos hijitos en el auto, la descarta inmediatamente como objetivo a detener... ... Full Review


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