Just Like Heaven


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User Reviews

Loved it!!
Oct 08, 2008
cmsusann - yahoo.com
i loved this movie! the way everything fits all together and ties in to the power of their hands touching was so amazing. the ending was so great!i also loved the two lead characters, very believable and enjoyable to watch. i... Full review
Just Like Heaven
Sep 18, 2008
thejoker10110 - yahoo.com
Just Like Heaven was alright. It was actually a pretty good chick flick. This is a movie that not only girls, but guys also, can possibly enjoy. It is a touching movie.... Full review
Cutest love story!!!
Jul 11, 2008
trevinojjs - yahoo.com
So its not your normal guy meets girl movie but its so touching. You just fall in love with the lead actors. This movie touched my heart and almost made me cry. A movie you must definitely see with someone you... Full review
Maybe it's time to stop and smell the roses.
Apr 21, 2008
wholiday - yahoo.com
I've never written a review for a movie before, but this movie is something special. To me, this should be an award-winning movie. So much thought went into making this movie, and the acting and directing was so good that I... Full review
A funny romantic ghost story
Apr 11, 2008
jordanpowell2003 - yahoo.com
I usually don't do romance movies, because no girls love me, but I actually liked this movie. I can't really describe it. I love it and recommend it.... Full review
Pointlessly weird
Apr 04, 2008
quizyou6789 - yahoo.com
Yes, this movie is pointless and weird but its not a bad movie overall. It has some funny parts and it is enjoyable for almost anyone. It is not a horrible movie as people say but its not the best either.... Full review
Mar 15, 2008
mparvaiz_1999 - yahoo.com
this is definitely one of my favorite movies ever!! its sad/touchy, but has a happy ending, and many happy moments.... Full review
I Loved It!!
Mar 11, 2008
pabandini - yahoo.com
After all the crap this summer (2005), finally a movie I really liked. It was funny and had a happy ending. Sorry to all the people who need to see T&A and hear the F word. This was just a decent,... Full review
This is just like the dream
Feb 16, 2008
serkanaga2000 - yahoo.com
Hello from Türkiye(Turkey).I think tihs flim looks like a flim which i don't remember now :D but this really really great flim must be watch and must be give a few oscars :D... Full review
Teen Reviewer
Dec 31, 2007
orangecloudz06 - yahoo.com
This is was good movie. I like how stuff fitted together, and made sense, unlike alot of movies like this one. The acting was great and it was a pretty funny and romactic movie.... Full review

Critics Reviews

| May 25, 2009
The Celebrity Cafe
With a few surprising twists throughout, this movie has an excellent ending.....we know the Oscar winning actress can be, or too funny like her character, Elle Woods in Legally Blonde , Witherspoon brings the perfect mix to this movie.....both actors did an amazing job as each character.....Ruffalo does an excellent job of playing an apathetic slacker, later transforming into a determined and love-stricken friend of a supposed ghost..... ... Full Review
| May 01, 2009
People Magazine
Just Like Heaven , an uneven romantic comedy, will amuse you....while getting appealing performances from a solid cast.....In a supporting role, Napoleon Dynamite 's Jon Heder, looking way less nerdish, earns big laughs as a slacker occultist.....Director Mark Waters ( Mean Girls ) wisely keeps an ethereal Heaven moving at a brisk pace.... ... Full Review
| Sep 04, 2008
Urban Cinefile
With a better script, Just Like Heaven just might have been a winner. Stretching our imagination should be a stimulating experience, so never mind that the premise of Just Like Heaven borders on the incredible. ... Full Review
| Jul 17, 2008
Just Like Heaven is an excellent date movie, as I think....If you're a Reese Witherspoon fan (as I am), you'll definitely enjoy this delightful movie.....even men could get into the intriguing story line..... ... Full Review
| Jul 17, 2008
Just Like Heaven is an excellent date movie, as I think....If you're a Reese Witherspoon fan (as I am), you'll definitely enjoy this delightful movie.....even men could get into the intriguing story line.... ... Full Review


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