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Ironweed is the kind of film that pierces right through my senses, to the point where I'm left to no other alternative but to sob at the end of it all. I felt that at the end of such films... Full review
Grim And Wonderful
Nov 20, 2007
Ubaldo Martinez -
Cold, desolate in the surface and an uncomfortable warmth in the inside. Meryl Streep leads in a way that is difficult to explain. She provides a truly magic movie moment when she sings "He's My Pal" for her supper. For... Full review
Keep your head up, and walk on
Aug 24, 2007
jdsilver86 -
Having had experiences similar to those of the vagrant characters in this film, it really touched me. I rented it only because Meryl Streep stars, but Jack Nicholson impressed me the most. He absolutely nailed the part. The movie is... Full review
Prozac Inducing
Mar 11, 2007
tequilamockingbird1957 -
I think this movie was made for the soul purpose of inducing a severe bout of depression. Mission accomplished. I am all for a good drama but one vital element is sorely lacking, some glimmer of hope. There isn't any hope... Full review
A touchstone for the baby-boom generation
Oct 20, 2005
john-2754 -
As a boomer myself, this movie made me recall my uncles from my mother's side of the family -- men from the wrong side of the tracks who were scarred by the Depression. I anticipate that others in my age... Full review
I'm homeless, NOT because I'm mentally ill, nor...
Sep 16, 2004
movie_buff_extraordinaire -
...because I want and/or choose to be homeless. I DON'T want to be homeless and I've seriously worked my hiney off for more than three years trying to find a decent affordable apartment (and found FOUR of them, but the owner/landlord/realtor... Full review
I'm homeless, NOT because I'm mentally ill, nor...
Jun 09, 2004
movie_buff_extraordinaire_1958 -
...because I want and/or choose to be homeless. I DON'T want to be homeless -- and I've seriously, diligently worked my hiney off for more than three years now trying to find a decent affordable apartment (and I found FOUR of... Full review
ironweed is a winner about losers
May 03, 2004
esteban2279 -
in one of his finest performances, jack shines, but in a subtle way. you dont see the usual signature behavior of jack, he's emotionally tortured by his past and though its not right in your face you feel it through the... Full review
probably very slow for mainstream audiences
Feb 03, 2004
LFchachere -
The story itself is not so strong, but very effective at conveying the depressing mood of that era. Both Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson were deservedly nominated for Oscars, I think I would give the edge to Meryl as the more... Full review
NiCe NiCe NiCe
Nov 26, 2003
dark_of_lily -
You feel the hunger , your fingers will freez , and u will grasp really how to be a bumb.slow mving events , finally park at the botom of your heart.... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Feb 27, 2009
Monsters and Critics
one fantastic excellent film....more respect would've been given to Ironweed.....Both Nicholson and Streep are fantastic.... ... Full Review
| Feb 24, 2009
Hartford Courant
His best scene....Carroll Baker , as his wife, is strong in her scenes with Nicholson.....its strong performances....her performance is stunning.... ... Full Review
| Feb 24, 2009
and both Nicholson and Streep give outstanding performances as lost souls who couldn't make it out of the Great Depression intact.....Covered in a layer of grime, Nicholson is fearless and expressive....Opposite Streep, in an equally brave, unheralded performance as fellow bum Helen, the legend finds a perfect foil..... ... Full Review
| May 12, 2003
He's completely dedicated and totally honest," says Nicholson, who played a beggar in Babenco's "Ironweed. At times Babenco resembles Francis, Nicholson's stubborn philosopher-bum in "Ironweed," who hurls bottles at the moon. ... Full Review
| Sep 28, 1994, Ireland
This is a great movie. Very interesting movie a bit dark not full of fun and happiness but well acted and I like this movie. Nicholson and Streep are fantastic; one of Nicholson's best characters. ... Full Review


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