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User Reviews

A great, fun movie - even for Moms
Jul 12, 2008
marislp -
As a Mom, I was skeptical about this movie from the trailers, yes there is plenty of violence, but how could you have a superhero movie without it? The story line had a good message - that what matters in life... Full review
stay through the credits
Jul 12, 2008
michaeljbyrd -
It is absolutely essential to stay through the credits of you are a true Iron Man fan, Marvel fan in general, or even non-fan just seeing a summer movie. It has possibly the coolest cameo with the biggest repercussions in the... Full review
good story but HORRIBLE fighting scenes
Jun 30, 2008
vvmunoz -
i saw this movie, tought to myself, that it was gonna be a good fighting and action movie, but i thought wrong. the fighting was the most sorriest fighting i have ever scene. not too much in it and it only... Full review
Best movie ti start the summer off with
Jun 27, 2008
deathsentencefan4life -
Iron Man was one of the better super hero movies that have been filmed. It was very entertaining from start to finish. The action was very fun to watch. Their wasn't as much action as I expected, but when the action... Full review
Rust Proof
Jun 22, 2008
tampabayjay -
IRON MAN may just be the purest comic-to-movie adaptation I've ever seen. And because I'm a die hard comic book nerd at heart, I've seen them all. I personally could've used a bit more action (something like the montage scene of... Full review
superhero movie
Jun 19, 2008
billyeskibo -
ok, first of all if you rate a movie like spiderman as the best or one of the best superhero movies, than your review of any superhero movie is worthless. Iron Man was a nearly perfect superhero movie. Robert Downey J.R.... Full review
Jun 16, 2008
johnny_law4 -
when i 1st heard about this movie being set up years ago i couldn't wait but i was worried because marvel wasn't consistent but when they announced that they filmed this in marvel studios i was like ok..this could be good..but... Full review
Almost A+
Jun 14, 2008
TszYin -
I wouldn't give anything an A+ because I believe there are always gaps for improvement; however, this is an awesome movie. It's way more than what I expected from the trailer. Some movies are great, but usually most of the best... Full review
Ir0n MaN!!
Jun 13, 2008
npygirl08 -
The movie was just all in all great! The sequence and everything! It kept me on my feet! I saw it with all my friends and we were just in aww the whole time!! I love this movie and tonight i'm... Full review
best action film of the year
Jun 13, 2008
ciggbutt411 -
this movie was awesome. go see it you won't be disappointed.the visuals were incredibled, with non stop action and laughs. definately worth the 8 bucks.... Full review

Critics Reviews

| May 10, 2010
if people like me tell you how cool a movie is before it comes out, some audience will be more likely to see see and enjoy "Kick-Ass" followed by the film's disappointing numbers.... ... Full Review
| May 05, 2010
San Jose Mercury News
'Iron Man 2' proves its mettle with fine cast, snappy banter....On the plus side, the introduction of two lively new characters shores up some of the original's problems..... ... Full Review
| May 02, 2010
Fraction's Iron Man is no less intelligent than was Ellis', but it somewhat diffuses....Extremis was a very smart story, so much.... ... Full Review
| Apr 14, 2010
His characters are solid and fresh, instantly recognizable and consistent throughout this issue.....It may seem inconsequential under the sheer volume of Iron Man product hitting the shelves of late.... ... Full Review
| Oct 16, 2009
was recommended by other people to see the movie.....He also feuds with Obadiah Stane, who eventually becomes Iron Man's arch nemesis:....The characters all act well in the film.....Robert Downey played superbly as Iron Man.....Although a seirous film, a couple scenes are wonderfully and comically done..... ... Full Review


It may still be hot where you are, but summer's over in Hollywood. The people who run this town are already into their fall-movie mindset, which means that they're thinking about movies that have fleshed-out characters, logical plots and Oscar-caliber... ... Full Article

Text Size: Joe Maddalena, the President and CEO of Profiles in History says "We're a very nostalgic society," and knows how to profit off of that with his company's Hollywood prop auctions. ... Full Article

For someone who (many would assume) lies around his mansion in a silk robe a good portion of the day, Hugh Hefner manages to stay pretty relevant. ... Full Article

Iron Man star Terrence Howard has signed on for NBC's upcoming Law and Order spinoff; Law & Order: Los Angeles. Howard will join an interesting cast which includes Skeet Ulrich, Doctor Octopus; Alfred Molina and Corey Stall. ... Full Article

ADVERTISEMENT Tony Kim, executive pastor of Newsong Church/Irvine , gained special entr?e to the event as a blogger for BabbleOn 5 , the movie review site that he and a few friends from church manage. ... Full Article

On one side are the Hollywood studios, looking to win over the hearts and minds of geek tastemakers. On the other side are the self-proclaimed geeks, eagerly inhaling TV and movies but not quite trusting Hollywood to get all the... ... Full Article

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