Ice Age


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User Reviews

Very Good!
Dec 26, 2008
none_of_your_business1234567890 -
I can't expect more from a cartoon movie! The voices were very good, the story was just PERFECT! The only "unperfect" part is that the visuals aren't as good...... Full review
Dec 01, 2008
feej76 -
This was a college political play with million dollar actors playing predictable roles. Its boring, too long, and simple. Very dissapointing.... Full review
ice age
Oct 22, 2008
saad20051989 -
this movie teach the children about the ice age with funny vision and funny characters it's not like the other animations movie but it stay good movie for the eye pleasure... Full review
Prepare for the Ice Age!
Aug 29, 2008
thejoker10110 -
Ice Age was alright as a movie, but it was still funny. Yes, this is one of those A Bug's Life/Monsters Inc. type of movies, so if you like those movies I can recommend this one, too.... Full review
A Chilling Comedy
Aug 01, 2008
shaakti14 -
Set in the times of the Ice Age, this comedy is for all ages and will have you blown away with its cool animation from Blue Sky, and will make you laugh till you cry.... Full review
Ice Age Review
Jul 26, 2008
mmayfield -
This movie was one of those movies that had a lot of dry humor in it. Ray Ramino did a wonderful job with his character he played. I would definitley recomend this movie for kids.... Full review
Ice Age
Jul 16, 2008
moviegoer6055 -
This was okay movie, but should be recommended to younger kids. This movie does not have a good storyline at all.... Full review
Entertaining and Funny!
Jun 27, 2008
nickl1225 -
This story reminds me of the movie, The Jungle Book, where the mammals are protecting a baby from danger. My favorite scene is when Sid manages to protect the melon from the birds or whatever they were, by moving in slow... Full review
Not bad
Jun 13, 2008
chosenchad -
Its not one of the best animated movies but it isnt horrible either. The story is easy to follow. Truly funny moments are rare though. I'd thought there would be more though.... Full review
An okay kids film
Jun 01, 2008
darthgrader -
It's a little annoying, but not as bad as most kids films that have come out over the years, a story about a small group of mammels trying to save the life of a human has moments but you've already... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jul 15, 2009
Funniest Movies for Kids....The interaction between the two is hilarious throughout the whole film and the animation is wonderful.....This Disney/Pixar movie has a  simple plot....I must say that I love the performances by Ray Romano and John Leguizamo.....It is another one of those talking animal movies who are voiced over by some well known actors..... ... Full Review
| May 07, 2007
Yet, for all its familiarity, this story is well told in Ice Age its well told and beautifully composed. While Ice Age might fall in parts within these limitations, it also exceeds them in several respects. ... Full Review
| May 07, 2007
Like its recent predecessors, Ice Age 's animation is a marvel;....the story takes place during the evolutionary turmoil of the Ice Age.....While Ice Age might fall in parts within these limitations, it also exceeds them in several respects.....In many ways, the story is immaterial....his antics will amuse audiences from the very beginning to the very, very end of the film (stay through the credits)..... ... Full Review
| May 12, 2006, India
It's a really cute, funny, family movie. They would enjoy the movie thoroughly and this is likely to enrich your own experience. I'd like to write more about the jokes and story line Take your parents if you like, they too will enjoy the movie. ... Full Review
| Mar 31, 2006
iF Magazine
This movie is as slick and clever as the first, but the CGI has made some astounding leaps forward since the original ICE AGE . Blue Sky and 20 th Century Fox have done it again with ICE AGE 2: THE MELTDOWN delivering a film that is as charming and cute as the first, but with wittier humor and a new batch of characters This sequel is a zany romp through the end of the ice age and follows the adventures of the same �pack� that we grew to love last time around. ... Full Review


Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox, which together have brought you the "Ice Age" films, Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who and Robots , will release a new 3D animated comedy next Easter titled Rio . ... Full Article

In this latest instalment of the digitally animated, prehistoric saga (opening in both 3D and standard versions), Manny the mammoth (voice: Ray Romano) is nervously entering into fatherhood with Ellie (Queen 'talk to the trunk' Latifah). ... Full Article

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