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User Reviews

will smith loses appeal
Mar 14, 2008
mikeavery01085 - yahoo.com
while the movie is sometimes entertaining,will smith has become a star desperate for attention.his attempts to steal every scene fall flat and it is only a short time till hollywood realizes they have another has-been on their hands.smith's lack of talent... Full review
I, Astounding
Dec 31, 2007
brandothehulk - yahoo.com
Before I review this masterpiece, let me tell you that I, Robot not only proves Will Smith's worth as a stand-alone action star, but it also will introduce a whole new generation to Asimov's classic novel. Okay, now that that's done,... Full review
Dec 13, 2007
terminatasx - yahoo.com
i must have seen the trailer 40 times or more. I heard the story of a robot murdering someone, i said meh it cant be that bad, the story the trailer portrayed didnt attract me to see the movie, i saw... Full review
Dec 13, 2007
pokemonwillam - yahoo.com
really cool
Dec 13, 2007
camiloquintero115 - yahoo.com
this movie was really cool it's just that Will Smith in the mvie acted like he liked the yhings from past ...i mean who likes old things!!???... Full review
Very Good!!!
Dec 13, 2007
nobrainer64 - yahoo.com
I really enjoyed Sonny. He seemed to have a permanently polite voice. He seemed so innocent, like a young child. He's so amusing how literal he can be. I think the special effects was incredible. Also, the story line was very... Full review
Great book, bad movie
Nov 18, 2007
bberson1 - yahoo.com
Usually, when a good book is turned into a movie, the result is disappointing. The movie usually changes the plot. In this case, the book was great, and the movie was bad.... Full review
A summer hit, worth watching!
Jul 27, 2007
girl1025 - yahoo.com
I, Robot. You may think silly old spinoff of other future/robot/take-over-the-world films. And you're probably right. In my opinion, I,Robot beats out a couple others in Hollywood sci-fi such as A.I. for its added touches. The sequencing and special effects were... Full review
Jun 13, 2007
liamday - yahoo.com
Wow. I am speechless. This movie was so good that I told every single one of my friends to go and see this movie. Check out those special effects! You would think a movie about evil robots would be weird, but... Full review
The best futuristic sci-fi tech,action movie!
Jun 01, 2007
faysalaa21 - yahoo.com
When i saw this movie,it was very cool.You have to like Big Willie's acting in this movie.I do like the robot action in this movie.Compared to similar movies,it's a fair & balanced determinination.The story is cool,but i wish the robots were... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jan 29, 2009
Urban Cinefile
From start to finish, Alex Proyas' I, Robot zings with all the elements that make a superb sci-fi action thriller. The creative elements of the film are extraordinary, but they always serve the story and characters. ... Full Review
| Jan 23, 2009
Fashion.ie, Ireland
This movie is spectacular.... This likable, efficient movie won't break any new ground, but it does have an idea or two to accompany its jolts and thrills, which puts it ahead of most recent action flicks. Will Smith was amazing and fluid as always. ... Full Review
| Sep 25, 2008
Urban Cinefile
Review by Louise Keller: From start to finish, Alex Proyas' I, Robot zings with all the elements that make a superb sci-fi action thriller. The creative elements of the film are extraordinary, but they always serve the story and characters. ... Full Review
| Mar 13, 2008
Bigpicturebigsound.com, NY
Instead, Proyas plays it safe, keeping the philosophical issues at a minimum and turning the plot into yet another special effects-driven action vehicle for Will Smith. Unfortunately, one cannot help but wonder what might have been, had a more serious tack been taken with the film. ... Full Review
| Aug 23, 2007
a mesmerizing shootout scene.... ... Full Review


David S. Ward (USA) - Screen writer (best known for his Oscar winning screenplay in The Sting and Sleepless in Seattle ) Michel Shane (USA) - Executive Producer (who is known for having worked on films like I Robot and... ... Full Article

"I, Robot." "Scream." "The Omen." These are just a few of the films for which Marco Beltrami '88 has composed the scores. Recently, the Brown alum, with co-composer Buck Sanders, was nominated for his second Academy Award for best original... ... Full Article

Beyond the break you'll find the official promo trailer and srt from Eli Craig's Tucker & Dale vs Evil , which stars Alan Tudyk ( 3:10 to Yuma, I, Robot, Knocked Up ), Tyler Labine ( Zack and Miri Make... ... Full Article

With 1994's "The Crow" and 1998's "Dark City," director Alex Proyas auspiciously demonstrated his abilities as a cinematic visionary, creating stylized, brooding new worlds never before glimpsed on the silver screen. ... Full Article

When all of the dust from 2004's crumbling blockbusters has settled, I, Robot will likely emerge as the strongest mainstream motion picture of the summer. ... Full Article

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