High Anxiety


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User Reviews

That Kid Gets No Tip
Mar 17, 2007
ShootingShark - imdb.com
Dr Richard H. Thorndyke is a psychiatry professor appointed to run a prestigious mental hospital in California after his predecessor dies in shady circumstances. Once there he starts to suspect foul play and is contacted by the daughter of a... Full review
Mel's Best Ever
Oct 15, 2006
coolnesspark - yahoo.com
The in-your-face humor may not work for some but it sure works here. The opening of the movie is funny and it doesn't stop until the ending. Chloris Leachman as Nurse Diesel simply cannot get any better. The movie has a... Full review
HIGH ANXIETY suffers only by comparison to Mel's YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, but it stands by itself as a frisky, very funny screwball spoof of the works of Alfred Hitchcock.I do agree with others who complain that Mel should have given the... Full review
The worst
Aug 12, 2006
kleew17 - yahoo.com
I'm sure that others will say that I just don't understand Mel Brooks' form of humor. My reply? Why would I want to understand it? The was by far the worst movie I have ever seen.... Full review
best movie ever
Mar 23, 2006
bryan_dominik - yahoo.com
funniest movie ever. mel brooks is a genius. one should probably see a good amount of alfred hitchcock movies before seeing this one to get the full effect. for example, the genius of making mel brooks' characters name thorndyke instead of... Full review
Hilarious Send-Up of Hitchcock
Mar 23, 2006
paul_delgrosso - yahoo.com
Mel Brooks' homage to Hitchcock is full of hilarious spoofs of Hitchcock's great film moments and overall techniques. Actors Mel Brooks, Madeleine Kahn, Cloris Leachman and Harvey Korman give excellent performances. Brooks' neurotic sensibilities are perfect in re-interpreting Hitchcock as a... Full review
Very funny Mel Brooks spoof/homage to Hitchcock
Mar 12, 2006
blanche-2 - imdb.com
Mel Brooks is a very funny man, and though sometimes I think his comedy is a little on the low side, "High Anxiety" has some truly hilarious moments. Mel riffs on Hitchcock, right down to Madeline Kahn's gray suit a... Full review
"Get the newspaper, get the newspaper!"
Jan 14, 2006
Filmjack3 - imdb.com
Mel Brooks, if nothing else, is spectacular at collecting up the clichés, the stereotypes, the conventions, the seriousness, and at the same time the joy and entertainment that comes in the different works he has made fun of over his... Full review
Mel BrooksComedy Classic
Oct 05, 2005
FloatingOpera7 - imdb.com
Mel Brooks in 1977 was not yet as widely popular as he would be in the early 80's. High Anxiety foreshadows such comic movies as Airplane! from 1980 and Leslie Nielson parody films, like the Naked Gun films of the 90's.... Full review
another Mel Brooks zany
Jan 30, 2005
ksf-2 - imdb.com
Mel Brooks arrives at the "Institute" to find suspicious goings on, and tries to find out what's going on and who is behind it. Cloris Leachman and Harvy Korman are fellow doctors at the asylum, and watch over the institute... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Dec 25, 1977
Three Movie Buffs
High Anxiety is Mel Brooks comic tribute to Alfred Hitchcock.....It lampoons many of Hitchcock's standard plot devices and directorial techniques, but not in a mean-spirited way..... ... Full Review

best picture....the film was not well-received by critics....best actor.... ... Full Review

DVD MovieGuide
For years, I gave him a hard time about his adoration of High Anxiety , as I thought the film was lackluster at best. In his lesser films, Brooks would zoom in to accentuate this joke, but here he maintains restraint The movie works better due to that factor, as the almost throwaway nature of many gags makes them more effective. ... Full Review

Chicago Sun-Times
And satire works best when its target is self-important. The best moments in " High Anxiety " come not when Brooks is being assaulted in the shower with a rolled-up newspaper, but when Brooks leaves Hitchcock altogether and does his own crazy, brilliant stuff. ... Full Review

Qwipster's Movie Reviews
Alas, much of the comic edge is gone by this point, making High Anxiety a very uneven comedy at best. To properly enjoy High Anxiety you'll probably need at least a passing familiarity with some of Hitchcock's more popular works, but you don't need to be overly familiar, as Brooks only lightly touches the most famous of scenes. ... Full Review


I t's not always easy to tell when Mel Brooks is joking. Well, sometimes it's obvious, as when he's asked how the Broadway adaptation of his 1974 cult hit Young Frankenstein , currently in tryouts in Seattle, is coming together. ... Full Article

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