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Undeniable crime epic........
Dec 26, 2008
specialnachos - yahoo.com
Quite possibly the greatest crime drama movie ever made. The DeNiro/Pacino faceoff at the coffee shop was epic........no guns just two egos figuring each other out. Brilliant movie.... Full review
high heat
Oct 22, 2008
saad20051989 - yahoo.com
there's a big fire in this movie AlPacino and DeNiro together? in one of the best roles in their career also Michael increas that power by his action and thriller sense with the special camera movement overall it's just great.... Full review
Another michael mann classic
Oct 16, 2008
tag_heuer25 - yahoo.com
I must say, I've never seen a michael mann movie that I didn't like. And this film is no exception. This guy is one of my favorite directors. He makes great films.... Full review
the real *****
Sep 28, 2008
djordan219 - yahoo.com
this could be the best movie every made.ONCE IT CAME ON.. I KNEW THAT IS WAS THE BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIMES... Full review
Sep 12, 2008
mkinder80122 - yahoo.com
This was a lame attempt to make an artistic cops and robbers movie. The theme was anemic, the plot meandered and the pacing plodded. This was a waste of some excellent acting talent.... Full review
gunfight at bank
Aug 08, 2008
saxxmalacai7 - yahoo.com
best gunfight (real time) al pacino was a real proffessional. Good movie .Well made and is a classic.This movie will be remembered for a long time... Full review
Great Story, Great Action
Jul 11, 2008
ripdolphin13 - yahoo.com
The best cops & robbers film ever made. Not to mention THE best ever shoot-out sequence. Every character in this film is believable. You'll probably root for the bad guys in this one, and nothing in this film will leave you... Full review
hottest movie ever
Jun 24, 2008
emmm_ufub - yahoo.com
hahahah hahahah hahahah hahahah ahahahah hahahah hahahah ahahah hahaha hahahah hahahah ahahahha ahahahah ahahahaha ahahahahah ahahahah ahahahah ahahahah ahahahah ahhahahah ahahah ahahahah ahahahahah hahhahaha ahahahah hhahahaha ahhahaah ahahahahahh ahahhahaah ahahhaah haahha ahahha ahahah ahahahah ahahahah ahhaaaaa ahahaahhh ahhahaahha hahaahhaah hahahaahha ahahahha... Full review
May 21, 2008
cwday - yahoo.com
Everything about this film is brilliant. This is exactly how a crime film should be. Especially the bank heist bit, which is pure excellent.... Full review
May 18, 2008
mson225 - yahoo.com
This movie has alittle bit of everything I like from action to romance. Not to mention the best actor in the world, DeNiro. Ashley Judd is excellent as well.One of the best shoot out scenes filmed.... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Nov 10, 2009
Heat is one of the great American films.....I like upgrading to Blu-ray if I love a film....so a different and better transfer is a reason (at least for me) to get excited about a film you've seen a number of times.....Michael Mann's finest film is The Insider , but there's no denying Heat .....It's perfectly paced.... ... Full Review
| Nov 10, 2009
Just Press Play
A perfectly capable if unexceptional documentary divided into three sections :....They are all played by very capable actresses....Nearly fifteen years on, this is both Heat 's greatest success and its greatest liability.... ... Full Review
| Nov 10, 2009
DVD Talk
Heat is an uncommonly rich and intelligent studio picture....That is perhaps the defining moment of Michael Mann's brilliant 1995 crime picture Heat , the moment where we fully grasp exactly what Mann is up to;....Heat is one of the great American films of the 1990s.....transcends its B-movie roots, thanks to an A-list cast and a filmmaker taking full advantage of his chance to shine.....When that deservedly legendary scene arrives, it is somewhat awe-inspiring;.... ... Full Review
| Nov 09, 2009
Warner drops Heat onto Blu-ray with all the extras from the 2005 special edition DVD that include a Michael Mann commentary and a great hour long documentary.....While Heat's script and direction are steeped in the clichés of outlaw drama explored prior....while Warner is throwing out numerous deluxe "digi-book" BD editions, Heat seems worthy of such treatment and a missed opportunity.....Still the writer/director shows his passion (in a soft spoken fashion) for the art of making movies, most specifically p ... Full Review
| Nov 05, 2009
Heat Looks Great, but There's Nothing New to See....Heat certainly has flaws.....But the tense action and surprisingly effective glimpses of the players' lives make it an unexpected, entertaining movie.....a side story of a newly released ex-con's degrading job as a short-order cook.....Heat was a massive worldwide hit, with amazing action sequences that combine cinematic thrills with a realistic attention to detail..... ... Full Review


In the heist thriller "Takers," a bank robber praises himself and his colleagues by saying "we see what we want and we take it." It's getting harder to tell the bankers from the robbers these days, isn't it? ... Full Article

February 26th, 2010 Nevada (US), Feb 26 - Grammy winner American maverick cellist and composer David Darling plans to record a Hindu-themed album. Titled "Everything Is Heart Breaking", Darling reportedly wants to record this solo CD with meditation drones and... ... Full Article

Jos? Enrique Martin Morales (born December 24, 1971), [ 1 ] better known by his stage name Ricky Martin , is a Puerto Rican pop singer who rose to fame, first as a member of the Latin boy band Menudo... ... Full Article

It was clearly shot with impressions of the legendary bank-heist sequence from Michael Mann's "Heat" in mind. I love how William Fichtner's reading of the line "do you have any idea who you're stealing from?" (which refers to the fact... ... Full Article

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