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Bignas1234 Not Hawa, more like Hawas
Sep 17, 2008
This film was aporling, disgusting , timewasting and a copycat of the poltergeist. Disgusting becos there is a ghost that rapes Tabu all the time and the second half resembles the poltergeist movie. The first half is more like a blue film, you can hear tabu's screams of rape all the way through, that is one sexually frustrated ghost. The film is of a divorced widow, her brother, her two daughters, they move into a house across a bridge . From the first day of moving Tabu fells uncomfortable and can sense something unreal. She believes something is there when the ghost rapes her several of times. She tries to tell people but they don't believer her, even the doctor, well you wouldn't untill you see it for yourself, right.So when stying at a mates house the ghost follows her there and trashes the place, they get to see the unatural happenings and start to believe her. When she gets home her kids are being sucked into a room full of light, she manages to save one but the other gets caught. So they call a guy that can connect with the undead, he tells them that several criminals had been buried alive near their house, thrown into a well, their spirits are haunting he place. He manages o attrct the ghost so Tabu can save her daughter.

Critics Reviews

| Jul 04, 2003
Rediff India
it works in a slow, unentertaining film like Hawa.....Hawa would be a titillating film.....Mukesh Tiwari is impressive, but his dialogues are confusing.....Among the cast, Grusha Kapoor, Vishwajeet Pradhan and Shahbaz Khan are bearable.....Tabu is the sole saving grace.... ... Full Review
| Jul 04, 2003
Rediff India
Special effects are good in certain scenes -- especially towards the film's latter half -- and make one sit up and take note. Mukesh Tiwari is impressive He consults a psychiatrist-exorcist (Mukesh Tiwari) who he hopes will solve Tabu's problem. ... Full Review

Apun ka Choice
Hawa looks heavily 'inspired' by Sidney Furie's 1982 horror film 'The Entity' (Barbara Hershey, Ron Silver).....The only saving grace of the movie is some commendable acting by Tabu..... ... Full Review


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Report Violation dilip (962 days ago)
tabu realy sexy bebo i want sex tabu
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