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User Reviews

not worth watching
Oct 05, 2008
babbitt_eric - yahoo.com
Bad acting, no attractive female lead, none of the characters were believable, especially Morgan Freeman. Don't bother with this one, it is really really stupid.... Full review
Huntingburg review
May 30, 2008
robotnickthedan - yahoo.com
I first saw this movie on T.V. and its an interesting action movie that takes place during flood with men fighting over three million dollars. I like Christian Slater and Morgan Freeman in this movie with them in action. The reason... Full review
I dig it!!
Mar 17, 2007
jadedolie - imdb.com
This is a great film that should have made a bigger splash at the box office. It really isn't just another run of the mil action flick. It's more of a natural disaster meets crime movie; which make for an... Full review
Heavy Rainfall causes a Indiana river to swell and flood the town. All inhabitants are forced by public services to leave instantly. Tom and his uncle Charlie work for a money transport firm and their assignment is to evacuate all... Full review
A leaking dramatic crime film
Jul 07, 2006
film_fan202 - yahoo.com
Hard Rain is a pretty good film. The movie has an interesting and followed up plot. It's about robbers, cops, and citizens of a flooded town trying to survive a huge flood. 2 cops are transporting $3 million dollars until their... Full review
We Just want the money
Jul 01, 2006
molneze84 - yahoo.com
In this action packed thriller, a city get flooded with a terrible rain storm, that sets up a major burglery of an armored truck carrying Slater, his old friend, and a ton of money. Morgan Freeman heads up the gang attack... Full review
pure greatness on screen
Jul 01, 2006
lazyman3999 - yahoo.com
Slater, Freeman, Driver & Quaid all did there part to make this movie what it is. an excellent movie that's what it turned out to be in my opinion.... Full review
What Would You Do For $3 Million?!!!
Jul 01, 2006
bubbagump258 - yahoo.com
Originally seeing this movie at the drive-in I came away being satisfied. I didn't expect anything too much from this movie and it didn't surprise me except for the amount of action throughout the film. If you are a fan of... Full review
Slaters just an awsome actor
Jul 01, 2006
dicaprio1055 - yahoo.com
Morgan freeman isnt exactly bad guy type material thats why this movie went a little down hill. But you know Slater is just a great actor and carries this movie to an ok stand point showing.... Full review
Jul 01, 2006
dabullsin2005 - yahoo.com
Christian Slater, Morgan Freeman & Randy Quaid in the same movie. Those are some of the best actors alive today. This movie is awesome and it has great action scenes especially with the town overflowing with water.... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jan 29, 2009
Urban Cinefile
What is impressive about Hard Rain is its cinematic qualities. Technically, the film is dazzling. It moves fairly briskly, the editing is sharp, and the music is unusually effective for a genre movie. ... Full Review
| Sep 11, 2002
DVD Town
Personally, there are plenty of mindlessly entertaining movies I love....In fact, Karen seems to be more of a distraction than an asset to the plot.....the story was weak and offered nothing in the way of depth.....I certainly might have enjoyed "Hard Rain" had it given a better effort.....Instead, it was a typical action plot of bad guys chasing good guys.... ... Full Review
| Feb 06, 1998
Part disaster movie and part botched robbery thriller, Hard Rain belly-flops uneasily between the two. Hard Rain toys with the idea of being interesting ... Full Review
| Jan 16, 1998
San Francisco Chronicle
Hard Rain" has what the other disaster flicks that keep spilling out of tabloid land don't have - a real story line, shades of good and bad and gray, the everyday evils of human beings played out against the force of nature, and people you actually care about. ... Full Review
| Jan 16, 1998
Hartford Courant
Hard Rain Good Cast, Effects Can't Keep 'Rain' Afloat By KEVIN THOMAS January 15, 1998 TIMES STAFF WRITER Hard Rain's" logistics really are impressive--it's as if we're watching the inundation of Grand Forks, N.D., all over again. ... Full Review


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