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User Reviews

The True Review
Mar 16, 2008
baki88 -
It was an unbelievably bad movie. The directing was horrible, the acting was just as bad. The plot of the movie goes nowhere, and the actors chosen don't represet their roles. In all it is deserving of an "F" in rating.... Full review
I liked it
Mar 01, 2008
kurtanthony2 -
This was a good picture. Zach Braff (who wrote and directed) was fine, and all the supporting actors were wonderful, particularly Peter Sarsgaard, Natalie Portman and Ron Leibman. The ending had a little too much psychobabble and took away from the... Full review
I'm in a Garden State of Mind...
Jul 20, 2007
jjr432 -
Beautiful work Mr. Braff. A creative compelling tale of lost and found. Life is screwy. Love is the cure. And what better place to find it than in New the arms of the stunning Ms. Portman. The joys and pains... Full review
Not worth spending your time and money on
Jul 20, 2007
bacat78 -
Garden State has some cleaver points and interesting ideas, but they are not well layed out in the film. The movie spends most of its time on innane character development that does not really advance the plot. The entire story could... Full review
This movie will change your life!
Jul 20, 2007
bboopku -
After waiting in anticipation for Garden State to come to Austin, TX, it was everything I thought it would be. It was so refreshing to see a genuine film for once that it made me almost feel fake while watching it.... Full review
A charchter driven, well balanced, inspiring film
Jul 20, 2007
xiphiodx -
If tongue and cheek humor is your flavor than this is a great film for you. It has an unusual story that isn't really the main focus, the story sort of only serves as medium from which the charcters can interact.... Full review
Jul 20, 2007
joshuabsa -
Natalie Portman did a performance that will be remembered for years to come. This films also very funny, its one for everybody to see, its just very good, and funny.... Full review
Such great heights
Jul 20, 2007
krilly8500 -
I went to see this movie with my ex-girlfriend Stephanie. It was a very small theatre in Fort Lauderdale. I'm pretty sure she enjoyed the time we had there, with the exception of a small nacho comment before the film started.... Full review
Most Vuglar & Nonsense Ride of your life
Jul 20, 2007
force300000 -
This trash is one boring & offensive movie. Except for jew culture it offends every other religion and culture... Such a terrible trash! CRAP AND CRAPPEST!... Full review
A Very Good First Effort
Jul 20, 2007
garywduncan -
Generally you don't expect a masterpiece from a first effort. You don't get one here. But you do get a very entertaining movie that is more serious than funny, and more aware of some among todays youth, 20 somethings, than Hollywood... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jan 29, 2009
Urban Cinefile
Review by Andrew L. Urban: Filled with acutely real moments and the readily understandable complexities of life, Garden State is an intriguing and complex film from start to finish. The strength of the film likes in its acute observations of the contradictory nature of human behaviour, leaving us well satisfied. ... Full Review
| Aug 15, 2008
The movie also has A LOT of drugs and drug references although the drug scenes are not disturbing and again used casually. The movie was very funny without being stupid at all and both Braff and Portman did an terrific job at their respective roles. ... Full Review
| Jun 25, 2008
Buddy TV, WA
The movie was good but the soundtrack was great. Once I finally watched the movie, about a group of college grads involved in a love triangle, I realized that the soundtrack was much better than the movie. ... Full Review
| Jun 19, 2008
This film is great. Therefore, I like Zach Braff, that shows star and the writer/director/star of "Garden State", his first feature film. When I first saw Garden State I found it and its creator Zach Braff to be long, drawn out and pretentious. ... Full Review
| Jan 06, 2006
Entertainment Weekly
Scrubs is a verbose show, packed with puns and wordplay - the writers must have well-thumbed dictionaries - and it boasts some wonderfully silly dialogue. ... Full Review


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LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - New Jersey has become the state of choice for cable reality shows: -- Bravo's "Real Housewives of New Jersey": Monday's finale of the original Garden State reality show was the season's most-watched episode, with 3.4... ... Full Article

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Maybe this is all part of a secret plan to film a Jersey Shore episode in jail. According to reports Ronald "Ronnie" Ortiz-Magro was arrested earlier today in New Jersey for, get this, unpaid parking tickets. ... Full Article

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