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User Reviews

Outstanding funny film !!!!!
Jan 15, 2009
philllyk48 -
I have to admit first that I am an ardent Star Trek fan, so I just love watching this parody. I own it, but I still even watch it when it comes on TV. Its an enjoyable film even if you... Full review
Perfect Cheese
Dec 20, 2008
jlaydbak -
This is exactly how cheesy scifi movies should be. The classic B movie, perfect in it's ridiculousness. It was great fun. It was never supposed to be taken seriously. I love it!... Full review
Galaxy Quest meets Star Trek.
Sep 07, 2008
nickl1225 -
Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver were terrific, especially Tony Shaloub who was hilarious. However, the Thermians were goofy and had weird facial expressions, but the reptilian humanoids were awesome villains. There were a lot of funny scenes in this movie, where... Full review
A funny funny movie!
Jul 24, 2008
fudpuck66 -
I'm surprised that this movie didn't do better when it came out, and really surprised they haven't done a sequel. Just a funny freaking movie!... Full review
Most clever spoof around
Jul 15, 2008
amarct -
Of course you have to know a little about the Star trek characters and(!) about the actors of that series. This is remarkably well done... I've been watching it probably 5 times since 2000 and each time I find this hilarious.... Full review
An absurd advendture
Jul 12, 2008
dogorangetexas -
Galaxy Quest does deliver a good idea but then grows weak as it tries to create excitement but fails to do so.... Full review
funny movie
May 31, 2008
jonathanandhisdog -
this movie is about actors who play in a tv show it begins at comic-con one actor gets took to space by methozard an alien whos planet is under attack by a lizard looking villan the other actors god and are... Full review
must see if you like startrek spoofs
May 14, 2008
notrealadress -
THIS MOVIE IS SO HILARIOUS!!! THE VISUALS STILL HOLD UP WHEN I WATCH IT TODAY! and its a 90s movie! that's something!... Full review
Mar 28, 2008
gd_less_1 -
What a little gem of a movie. Gets better each time it is viewed. Like AIRPLANE, it's a classic. !!!!!!!!!!. !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! !!!!. @@@@@@@@ 2@@@@ kielw akejno .sjko .dkejnnn whaat w3=[wutyhs0eue1/ !!!!!!!! /review...So you needed a longer... Full review
Excellent spoof
Feb 07, 2008
Speshal_K -
I enjoy this film more than I do most Star Trek motion pictures... and in some cases the CG is better! :p Not to mention funny, and NOT predictable... this ranks as one of the best spoofs ever made.... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Nov 17, 2009
DVD Talk
The only one of the original cast still with bravado is Jason Nesmith (Tim Allen), the charismatic "lead" of their cast who played Captain Kirk Commander Taggart.....He still relishes in the spotlight during their humdrum appearances at Galaxy Quest conventions....Contrast levels also look exceptional, holding onto minor gradient shifts in shady sequences....with the likes of Erico Colantoni, Missi Pyle, and Rainn Wilson in early, highly entertaining roles --.... ... Full Review
| Nov 12, 2009
DVD Town
Galaxy Quest" is a wonderfully silly film....there are several dramatic moments in the film among the humorous ones.....The movie does a splendid job mimicking the old "Star Trek" crew and their "what if" aftermath by order to appreciate its satire fully, I suspect one has to be at least marginally familiar with the "Star Trek" television and film series.....the director, Dean Parisot ("Fun With Dick and Jane"), to poke some lighthearted fun at washed-up TV stars and how their diminished st ... Full Review
| May 15, 2009
Until J.J. Abrams ' reboot opened last week, "Galaxy Quest" was the best " Star Trek " film to come out in many years.....Alan Rickman seethes as the Shakespear-ean actor whose defining role involves a purple alien skull.....Sigourney Weaver is great ironic casting as the show's token woman.....Sam Rockwell is perfect as the former extra who fears his TV death will be replayed in real life.....Several making-of featurettes with new interviews with the principals, deleted scenes, a rap by Weaver and a silly ... Full Review
| May 12, 2009
The Cinema Source
Now Galaxy Quest is back and better than every....The entire film is a light-hearted mockery on Star Trek which could easily be lost on younger viewers who are less familiar with that I like to call it,.... ... Full Review
| May 12, 2009
Monsters and Critics
Galaxy Quest is just a great film..... ... Full Review


You can relive a space classic in high definition this November. Galaxy Quest will be released in Blu-ray on November 17. We don't have any pricing details, but you can take a look at all this disc has to offer... ... Full Article

After last week's barrage of films I was glad for the sake of my fingers that there was less to type about this week. And for once I may get through a week only promising to buy one film. ... Full Article

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