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Can expletives be boring?
Jan 06, 2008
Dan Franzen - imdb.com
It’s the Queen Mother of curse words, Although it’s been supplanted in some regards by the c-word (ask your parents), eff dash dash dash has far more uses - why, it’s probably the single most useful word in the universe,... Full review
As In: "Sometimes, You Just Gotta Say 'What The...'"
Aug 24, 2007
Christopher T. Chase - imdb.com
This might be the first time I've ever written a review, where I actually have to self-censor the title of the movie. Although it's not a word that most of us use every day (or sometimes every week, for that... Full review
It's puzzling how words effect people differently. Some are strongly affected, while others take them in stride. But one thing is for certain, the F-word has been a contentious four-letter symbol for a multitude of reasons.First, is where it came... Full review
How do I talk about a film where I can't even mention its title in this review (in the IMDb comments the word of the title of this film cannot be put in, unless in the form of f*ck or... Full review
Interesting but too long
Oct 28, 2006
JMAN-8 - imdb.com
While this f*cking documentary (har har) is interesting and informative, even at 90 minutes it runs a little long for my tastes. I gradually found myself getting bored by the subject matter. This could have been a thorough examination of... Full review
Very funny documentary, just don't show it to the young ones
Jun 01, 2006
Jeff Beachnau - imdb.com
I saw this documentary at a film festival a couple of months ago and had a great time. I didn't really know what to expect, sure I expected to hear you-know-what said a bunch of times, but I didn't know... Full review
Excellent Discussion of Language
May 07, 2006
Charles V. - imdb.com
F*ck is a very entertaining and interesting documentary describing the use and abuse of the word in the English language. Of course, the word is used many times and in many ways (noun, verb, etc.). Experts discussing their experience with... Full review
This movie works at multiple levels, is well directed and has cute animation sequences by Plympton. It contains some very interesting interviews with a huge range of opinions and social commentary. You may be surprised at the diversity of views.... Full review
Terrific, lively documentary!
Feb 09, 2006
picklefuzzy - imdb.com
I was lucky enough to catch this tremendous documentary at the San Francisco Independent Film Festival, and OH MY GOD, was it fun! Sadly, the director told the audience the cut may need to change based on getting final clearance... Full review
Not a film for the easily offended
Dec 29, 2005
miss_sola - imdb.com
F*CK is a documentary that delves into the controversy surrounding the infamous four-letter word. The heart of the film explores the issues of censorship and our constitutional right of free speech. How did the word originate? What exactly does it... Full review

Critics Reviews

The Portland Mercury, OR
if Fuck didn't waste its great interviews-the film boasts the late Hunter S. Thompson, Sam Donaldson, Ben Bradlee, Ice-T and Chuck D, Kevin Smith, and Steven Bochco.....Director Steve Anderson piles on cutesy songs, annoying sound effects, and uninspired animation, making Fuck feel amateurish and infantile..... ... Full Review

Bigpicturebigsound.com, NY
We do know, however, that "FUCK" is not, as popular myth holds, an acronym - a fact which the film makes abundantly clear. Like , another documentary about all things obscene, "FUCK" wallows in its own profanity like a pig in well, you know. ... Full Review

Film Journal International
Perhaps the most disappointing thing about Fuck is that it's entirely forgettable. FUCK Rated:NR For movie details, please click here . Granted, it is pretty silly to imagine the septuagenarian singer shouting "Boone! ... Full Review


Everyday, all around the world someone is saying "Fuck". And yet it's still one of the bigger verbal-taboos out there. F*ck: The Doco takes us a guided tour through the word's roots and the many controversies associated with it. ... Full Article

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