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User Reviews

I enjoyed it.
Feb 08, 2010
Sean -
Emma is the best of the characters in the movie. It was well done I thought. Some scenes did make me wince and feel for them.... Full review
It's better than other boys i have seen so far
Feb 08, 2010
Ahamed -
i watch a lot of movies and my fav movies are horror movies. But lately I havent seen any good horror flick. when i heart about frozen i thought i was gonna get disappointed when i watch the movie. but the... Full review
It was GREAT
Feb 08, 2010
Toni in Lakewood -
Great movie, on the edge of our seats...OMG, freezing and terrified for the characters. It was a surprise, I didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I did. A must see~!~... Full review
Good Effort!
Feb 07, 2010
Matt N -
I'm not jumping up and down for this one but I thought it was a very well done survival/thriller that had some shocking, gruesome scenes as well as some thrills and definitely chills. The acting was pretty decent but the stand... Full review
Feb 07, 2010
dejavu -
give me a break! cocky young dudes carrying everything for ski fan yet not one has a cellphone! yeah right. this three "skiers" got what they wanted. two of them died. i'm not surprised. ignoring what the keeper said that bad... Full review
Feb 06, 2010
Laura -
I just got back from seeing FROZEN. The story started out kind of slow. I had expected more of a story line and was a little disappointed but the movie did keep my attention and had a few nail biting moments.... Full review
Why limited!
Feb 06, 2010
Son TienN -
Wow I wanted to see this movie and it's limited! Jeez cmon I certainly know this movie would of made it to movie top box office if it weren't for it being limited.... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Feb 05, 2010
Monsters and Critics
Dan's trying to appease them both but the drama's upsetting Parker;....The mountain backdrop is gorgeous....he takes cheap pot shots at her at every chance.....The music's terrific and adds a surprising elegance to the tension.....We watch in close-up as the characters become hungry, dehydrated, and desperate.... ... Full Review
| Feb 05, 2010
Luckily, Green also has some excellent ideas about how to torment his characters.....Green can spin it into a 90-minute film with several genuinely thrilling or horrific moments..... ... Full Review
| Feb 05, 2010
The Miami Herald
The acting isn't always convincing and director/writer Adam Green -....Both are low-budget, lo-fi, indie frightfests in which actors you've never heard of are placed in claustrophobic jeopardy..... ... Full Review
| Feb 05, 2010
Ain't It Cool Movie Reviews
your typical, average, everyday pretty people common to horror films -....FROZEN hits all the right notes, building tension then releasing it in white knuckle scenes of brutality that will have you writhing in your chair....As I said at the very beginning, people are going to second guess the ever loving shit out of this film.....But that's not to say that everyone is going to love this film.....While Kevin Zegers and Emma Bell both do very well with what they're given, I get the feeling Green responded mor ... Full Review
| Feb 04, 2010
Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribun
While director Adam Green so far has tortured us with a terrible movie, he now begins the gruesome torture of his own characters.....The excess of conversation never succeeds at does make us hate the characters, whose speech seems to have just two modes:....We appear headed for a regurgitation of "American Pie"-like foibles, complete with a bland frat-house rock score..... ... Full Review


Frozen cast Just when you thought skiing couldn't get scarier than those cringe-worthy falls at the Olympics this week (and speaking of the Olympics could there be any more cute hockey players named Ryan? ... Full Article

To go along with our exclusive clip , beyond the break you'll find a second look at Adam Green's chiller Frozen , which features a little cameo by horror fav Kane Hodder (Jason Voorhees) as the stranded trio (Kevin Zegers,... ... Full Article

Shawn Ashmore ( X2 ), Emma Bell ( Gracie ) and Kevin Zegers ( Fifty Dead Men Walking ) star as three college students out for a good time on the slopes, skiing and snowboarding. ... Full Article

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