Freddy vs. Jason


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User Reviews

Two great horror icons battling it off
Apr 21, 2008
deathsentencefan4life -
Freddy vs. Jason was such a cool movie. I thought that the action was so amazing. There was so much blood in it. The battle scenes between Freddy and Jason were awesome. I also loved the idea of having two horror... Full review
Goody Goody Gory
Dec 29, 2007
paulaboisclair -
Well the actors/actress' have done a great job and well this horror movie had to be one of the best from both the Freddy Kruger and Jason Vorhees. Well I am a VERY big fan of horror and I must say... Full review
A nice basic horror film
Nov 03, 2007
sjrex2000 -
Freddy and Jason brought back the basics. I found the movie more funny and action pack than scary, but it did have moments of shock. This suprising good movie was written with a basic script in some no where town which... Full review
fan of horror movies
Oct 30, 2007
martins_femi -
i love horror films especially "Freddy vs Jason". its one of my favorite thril movies. and Monica Keena keep it up, i love ur realisticality in the movie, kudos! I need ur pictures Miss Monica Keena. This is my memail addy... Full review
The scare is gone
Oct 20, 2007
rmollabashy -
The old days of great horror is gone. FvsJ mixes two great ideas. Unfortunately, the poor acting by the thirty year-olds that try to play characters in the mid-teens is a hard leap. Should have spent a little extra green and... Full review
Worth EVERY Penny.....
Oct 05, 2007
KM819 -
Absolutely awesome. Great story .....great T and A..... great gore. Definately the must see movie of the year. Even if you aren't a fan of either series, you've gotta see history.... Full review
freddy vs jason- pure junk
Sep 09, 2007
sparkmandls -
this movie was afoul, the acting is below f!, im a horror fan, and this was a dissapointment, all it is is junk, dont buy it, even if its now 10$, the movie was stupid and a waste of time.... Full review
Movie Was Great But The Ending Was Weird !!!
Aug 29, 2007
jmac33208 -
The Movie Was Getting Better By The Minute With The Characters Going Back And Forth From Elm Street And Crystal Lake. There Was Tons Of Blood So If You Like That See It. Freddy Was Getting Jealous Of Jason Killing All... Full review
Parent/Kid Opinion! They should have cut some this
Jun 23, 2007
samariaaluko -
I thought this movie was quite funny & dissapointing to parents that let their children watch it because of body language & showing parts that shouldn`t be shown. But beside that I loved this movie, but every once in a while... Full review
Nice movie for Jason and Freddy fans
Jun 16, 2007
smgumbycat -
This was a good movie for fans of the first few Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th movies. The writers did a good job of bringing together these cool characters and spawning at least two more Freddy/Jason movies. There... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jan 29, 2009
Urban Cinefile
And Freddy Vs Jason is good fun. But something about the decision was spot on, for Freddy Vs Jason was a surprise number one box office hit in the US and stayed there for two weeks. ... Full Review
| Dec 28, 2008
The camera work in this movie is wonderful. Yes, many people will be put off because it is a horror film, but this film is so well made it deserves more. Obtuse angles and great camera effects permeate this movie. ... Full Review
| Nov 05, 2008
Easily the best film in either series since the originals, in the battle of Freddy vs. Jason the winner is the fans. A great, fun, summer slasher flick that anyone from 18-40 can enjoy. ... Full Review
| Sep 11, 2008
Urban Cinefile
Apart from a few background details for younger viewers, there's nothing much to distinguish proceedings as pizza-face Freddy lures hulking hockey-masked humongous Jason out of hell and lets him loose among the usual collection of beer-drinking, pot-smoking, sexually precocious teens living near 1428 Elm St. In a nod to older fans of both series who have bought tickets for nostalgia rather than genuine scares, the bloodletting is more graphic than we're used to seeing in the teen-oriented... ... Full Review
| Jul 24, 2008 B-Movie Reviews
The shots look good and Jason looks great, but I fear it will just be another load of One Tree Hill idiots, rappers, bad cgi and sets lit up like christmas trees, with either freddy or mike myers turning up and blast everyone into space to crack marijuana jokes! ... Full Review


I'm eight days into the project, but I think my mind is already so overwhelmed by the Freddy Krueger universe that I couldn't muster much enthusiasm for Freddy vs. ... Full Article

Freddy vs. Jason was the biggest showdown of horror icons since 1962's King Kong vs. Godzilla . Suddenly two slasher film titans were pitted against one another in a battle to the interesting matchup, as no one else seemed... ... Full Article

Vocus / PRWEB ) April 29, 2010 -- Why the fuss about A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) and what the heck is an encapsulation? ... Full Article

May 5, 2003 - The theatrical poster for the highly-anticipated horror flick Freddy vs. Jason has just been released by the folks at New Line - click the picture at right to view it. ... Full Article

March 11, 2003 - Horror fansite The Diabolical Dominion points out a revealing interview with Freddy vs. Jason director Ronny Yu from a forthcoming edition of genre magazine Rue Morgue (issue #32). ... Full Article

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i think that movie is the best horror movie uot there.but i was wondering if your going to creat a second part to it
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