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User Reviews

Funny Movie
Jan 03, 2009
kevw731 -
Freaky Friday was a funny movie. It had funny jokes all throughout, this was definitely a movie to be remembered.... Full review
Family Movie
Dec 22, 2008
rodrigues_matthew -
A movie where you can laugh with your family and spent time with them. Freaky Friday is a great comedy. Jodie Foster looks different as a young girl.... Full review
A Good Movie
Aug 14, 2008
raddriver23 -
There's not a ton to say, but I liked this movie. It's not the kind of plot that you normally get from movies, either. Of course, you know that in the end they will go back to their own bodies--duh--but they... Full review
*Almost as freaky as me*
Jul 20, 2008
chocolatebutterfly_9116 -
This is a crazy istory in which everything can happen. It is fun, dramatic and of course romantic. This is one of the best movies of my collection, almost perfect, but overall really good.... Full review
Freak Out!!!!!!
Jun 27, 2008
coop_1096 -
Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsey Lohan was a very good couple for Walt Disney Pictures Freaky Friday. I loved the movie. It freaked me out. It was so funny. I loved it.... Full review
A wounderful movie
Jun 18, 2008
cssndr_allen -
a mother and doughter who don't get along so well so a fourtain cookie switches them into each others body. the mom is getting to a nice man. about 100%... Full review
freaky friday review
Jun 05, 2008
blondemonkeys00 -
in the movie freaky friday anna and her mom switch positions and during this time is her mom tess's book talk on a television show and this is like anna saying it and it is the night of tess's wedding reception... Full review
Freaky Friday
Mar 17, 2008
sneubert2700 -
Freaky Friday is Oscar-worthy in everything.The Story,The Acting,The Direction,The Visuals.It deserves a Oscar for that year,but this year 27 Dresses and Definitly,Maybe,Juno,Fred Claus and Enchanted deserve a Oscar you will see what I mean if you ever saw it.... Full review
A Freaky Classic!
Mar 09, 2008
jordanpowell2003 -
This is the original classic that inspired the remake with Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis. This time, it has a young Jodie Foster who changes places with her mom. Although this is the original, I think I like the remake... Full review
not good not bad
Dec 08, 2007
surajp828 -
the movie wasnt bad but if the crew decided to take more time on this movie id give it an A. The story got me confused at forst, but it was very odd how this movie jumps around the story... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Sep 04, 2008
Urban Cinefile
Freaky Friday runs through all the mix-ups you'd imagine and executes them with confident and lively strokes. You've never heard a more professional-sounding teen combo than these suburban kids whose musicianship and songwriting skills are already on par with most of the bands they're attempting to emulate. ... Full Review
| Sep 04, 2008
Urban Cinefile
A delightful fantasy that will make you smile, Freaky Friday is mischievous fun that sticks. Freaky Friday runs through all the mix-ups you'd imagine and executes them with confident and lively strokes. ... Full Review
| Oct 18, 2006
Films like Disney's Freaky Friday aren't necessarily made to be good; they are made to be cute, innocent and fun so the entire family can enjoy them. However, Disney's The Country Bears was also a film that wasn't made for me, however I absolutely loved that family film. ... Full Review
| Jun 01, 2004
DVD Talk
But there were still some good films that they made during this time, and one of them was Freaky Friday . Jamie Lee Curtis was also very good. She seemed very comfortable acting like a teenager. The acting was standard, but not outstanding. ... Full Review
| Jun 01, 2004
Lohan has a lot of fun aping the older actress but Curtis steals most of the scenes, crying of her post-switch self, Im like the Cryptkeeper! DVD release date: 01/06/2004 Certificate: tbc You've read our review, now tell us what you think at A likeable Lindsay Lohan steps into Jodies shoes, playing a hygienically grungy teen who supernaturally swaps bodies with Jamie Lee Curtis middle-aged mum. ... Full Review


Sonam Kapoor has kicked out Mani Ratnam's offer but she has accepted director Priyadarshan 's film which will be a remake of a Hollywood film 'Freaky Friday'. ... Full Article

Anil Kapoor has bought the remake rights of Walt Disney Productions' Jamie Lee Curtis-Lindsay Lohan starrer, Freaky Friday. He will produce it under his banner and it will star his daughter Sonam Kapoor. ... Full Article

Reveals a source close to the actor, "When he was in Los Angeles recently for the wrap-up party of his TV series 24, Anil met up with Disney officials to discuss the deal. ... Full Article

(CNN) -- There was a time when Lindsay Lohan was considered one of the most promising actresses of her generation. No, really. In 2006, The New York Times ran a profile of her at 19, and she was already a... ... Full Article

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it was an awesome movie... luved it!
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