Finding Neverland


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User Reviews

Man this was BORING!
Dec 17, 2008
galonga -
I usually like movies on england etc but this was SO boring and the acting so mediocre I HAD to write this review!... Full review
glorious !
Oct 22, 2008
saad20051989 -
this movie will definetely make you fly in the spectacular sky which sparkle with stars ( JOHNY & KATE ) who gave everything to their roles and they were so commited to wear the characters coats.... Full review
One of the Finest of 2004
Jul 27, 2008
forgotten_glory -
One of the few movies that I've given everything an "A+" thus far, but it deserved it. I saw no flaws with this movie. The story is of J.M. Barrie, playwright who lived in an imaginative world it seemed. When inspired... Full review
I Found Neverland!
Jul 02, 2008
theemopianist -
A touching and imaginative movie that i thoroughly enjoyed. The acting was superb (one of Depp's best performances) and the story was great. This movie is not for everyone, but it was definitely for me!... Full review
Barrie and the mystery of Celtic chemistry
Jun 03, 2008
rossdohan -
The best part of the film was the credits. Bed-jumping and baroque music jibe. The complex Celtic chemistry between Barrie and the Llewelyn Davies family is fudged. Incidentally, why so much of Peter, the brother Barrie got on with least? However... Full review
inspriational indeed
Mar 06, 2008
ashleyburchett21 -
simply amazing....especially johnny depp and his scottish if u havent seen this one......take meh advice...see it....and dont waste ye time reading meh reviews... Full review
Wonderfully moving picture
Dec 12, 2007
wrpietri -
Finding Neverland was clearly the BEST PICTURE of 2004 and should have taken home the Gold statue over MILLION DOLLAR BABY. This wonderfully imaginative movie is brillianly acted by Johnny Depp, whose versatility never ceases to amaze, Kate Winslet, and Julie... Full review
Best film of the Year
Dec 03, 2007
majorgates_80 -
In my opinion, this is the best film of the year. It's nice to see something uplifting, albeit a little sugary. Loved it. Go see it if only for Johnny Depp's second Oscar worthy perfomance in a the last 2 years.... Full review
Johnny depp plays the creator of peter pan.
Nov 16, 2007
metal_guy49464 -
This was an okay movie about the creator of peter pan.I almost wasn't going to sit through this because it looked too much like the olden days.The reason is I've seen enough olden days movies to last me a lifetime. But... Full review
Johnny Depp's Best Movie
Nov 10, 2007
thejoker10110 -
Finding Neverland is really good. I have never seen Johnny Depp this good in a movie. Kate Winslet was great too. It is depressing, but I still highly recommend it.... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jul 11, 2009
Chicago Sun-Times
is perhaps best suited to older adolescents and adults who will appreciate the film's bountiful virtues.....Younger children might be disturbed by scenes of Sylvia's failing health.....Finding Neverland " is, finally, surprisingly moving.....most especially the extraordinary Freddie Highmore as Peter --....It's a pleasure to see British cinema icon Christie have such a juicy role as the stern matriarch who opposes Barrie.... ... Full Review
| Jul 11, 2009
Chicago Sun-Times
Finding Neverland " often feels like a better movie than it is, simply....he does in "Finding Neverland" and in the recent dud "Secret Window," the actor becomes vague as well.....You can't imagine a better movie Barrie.....Affecting a skillful Scottish accent, Johnny Depp is intermittently convincing as the enigmatic Barrie, an artist with a childlike spirit...../ July 11, 2009 For Depp, " Finding Neverland " is the latest in an extraordinary series of performances..... ... Full Review
| Jan 29, 2009
Urban Cinefile
Uplifting and joyous, Finding Neverland is a magical story about the power of our imagination. A warm, generous yet sharply observed film in some respects, Finding Neverland takes an emotional trip through some key moments - as fantasised by the filmmakers - in a rather ordinary life. ... Full Review
| Sep 01, 2008
But all the youngsters are excellent and it's a nice touch that Dustin Hoffman, who played Hook in the 1991 film, portrays James' long-suffering agent, tolerating his client's eccentricities knowingly. Johnny Depp disappears under the Barrie guise, complete with a beautiful Scottish accent and sensitivity toughened by some sort of internal drive. ... Full Review
| Sep 01, 2008
Urban Cinefile
Uplifting and joyous, Finding Neverland is a magical story about the power of our imagination. Great care has been taken with every detail - from the pace, the tone, the music, the production design. ... Full Review


According to Variety, Tanya Wexler is directing a cast that includes Hugh Dancy, Jonathan Pryce and Rupert Everett. The script was written by Stephen Dyer and Jonah Lisa Dyer. ... Full Article

Worlds away from the ghoulishness of Edward Scissorhands, fresh-faced Depp gives a sensitive and subtle performance, as Gilbert Grape, who is stuck in the backward town of Endora. ... Full Article

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Report Violation superman (1438 days ago) is avery selective movie ...not for everyone....but johny depp fans will not be am simply crying till the end......wonderful......wat else can i say....
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