Finding Nemo


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User Reviews

Finding Nemo is a superb achievement on three distinct levels. First, the look of the film is gorgeous. The Pixar crew has created a fully realized underwater world. The colors are bright and entrancing, while the movement of the fish is... Full review
Another Pixar Great!
Oct 14, 2008
g-bodyl -
Finding Nemo is a very good animated film, probably it's in the top 10 animated features of all time. The story is about a little clown fish named Nemo. He ventures out into the open sea while not listening to his... Full review
pixar can do no wrong.
Jun 27, 2008
avec_fromage -
i'm waiting for Pixar to screw up - i mean, how can they keep producing such great films over and over again. it's amazing how they've developed such a flawless track record. to be blunt, i can't stand Ellen DeGeneres and... Full review
A Pixar Delight
Jun 12, 2008
napulemiocore -
To simply say of this movie that Pixar just wanted to do for water what Monsters Inc did for fur, doesn't do it justice. The effects *are* impressive - but there's more to this movie than that. The story of the... Full review
149 words of praise for Ellen Degeneres
Jun 05, 2008
greg_of_gregs_previews -
I've not yet written a full review for this amazing latest film from Pixar, which may be their best ever. I do, however, want to single out Ellen Degeneres, who shines through like a comedy superstar as Dorie. Pixar gave her... Full review
Sinking to the Bottom
May 23, 2008
darkhieisage -
Nice family film, but sadly too boring to me. I waiting for the end of the movie when I watched it. I would never again go to the movie if all the others were like Nemo.... Full review
This movie was awesome and charming!
Feb 22, 2008
nick_trex -
Finding Nemo was the best movie I had seen in the year 2003. Two fins up. Way up. Full of pure comedy and adventure. Take the whole family to see this excellent Disney and Pixar movie!... Full review
Very funny and heart warming
Feb 16, 2008
joshuabsa -
This is probably one of my faverite movies, although its fighting over the best animated movie with Shrek and Shrek 2. This is definatly the most heart warming one of the three.... Full review
Feb 02, 2008
shellzoo5 -
I loved the movie, and it took me through a range of emotions, although if your in for the down to earth movie this would not be the movie for you. But it contains the light hearted search and has some... Full review
The best movie I have ever seen!
Dec 27, 2007
ragady_annand_andy -
I loved this movie. I loved everything about this film. This movie had better be nominated for Best Animated picture. Maybe against Looney Toons: Back in Action and Brother Bear - a film I have yet to see. Disney/PIXAR have made... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jan 13, 2009
Cinema Blend
Stanton knows his way around movie storytelling better than just about anyone-- the scripts for Finding Nemo and Wall-E , not to mention every other Pixar movie, are damn near flawless. For fans of Wall-E or Finding Nemo , it's almost too good to believe that director Andrew Stanton will be venturing into work with live action actors. ... Full Review
| Oct 28, 2008
Monsters and Critics
Presented with a 1.78:1 1080p widescreen transfer, the film looks great with the bright, vibrant colors looking expectedly striking in high-def. Not every film can be 'Finding Nemo' and while this will be more of a film for the adults to throw on and then run out of the room, it comes recommended for a certain age group. ... Full Review
| Jun 30, 2008
WALL·E is directed by Andrew Stanton, who is responsible for the equally brilliant Finding Nemo . WALL·E is another brilliant animated film from Pixar that begins on an abandoned, burned-out Earth - except for one highly-dedicated robot left behind to clean up the mess. ... Full Review
| Jun 27, 2008
Sacramento Bee
The film's photo-realistic animation, depicting structures built from compacted refuse standing before a brownish horizon, is so lifelike that you wonder whether it's really animated. This G-rated movie from Pixar Animation Studios ("Finding Nemo," "Ratatouille" and all the other really good ones) offers a touching robot romance, visuals as artful as they are state-of-the- art, and vital messages about environmental and personal health. ... Full Review
| Jun 27, 2008
iF Magazine
Even when the movie is not my favorite, like FINDING NEMO , it still has enough to keep me entertained and in my seat. ... Full Review


Before Finding Nemo , Monsters Inc. , and the later accomplishments of Pixar Entertainment, the original Toy Story altered the landscape of children's animated film forever. ... Full Article

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