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User Reviews

Better than I thought it would be!
Dec 09, 2008
mkaiser4 - yahoo.com
I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. I wasn't expecting too much and thought I may be in a "kid's movie" when I saw the audience. However, It's very funny and entertaining - - even for adults. There were a couple... Full review
Sugar Rush
Jun 19, 2008
darin_clark2001 - yahoo.com
Cute but not to be taken seriously for more than a minute. This is a perfect film to take your 4-7 year old daughter to but for anyone over the age of 8 this movie is simply too cheesy to bear.... Full review
A Lot of Fun
Jun 12, 2008
cheos - yahoo.com
The colourful combination of music, costuming, and acting brought together a new kind of fairytale. It is now one of my favourite movies, and after watching it several times, I still don't get bored and keep smiling and laughing! The whole... Full review
A Pleasant Surprise!!! Take your kids/wife/gf!!!
Jun 03, 2008
dathespian - yahoo.com
My wife got tickets from work to see this movie during a sneak preview. I was a little concerned in the theater seeing the place packed with children. However, this movie really surprised me it was very entertaining throughout! I'm actually... Full review
Disney is back!
Jun 03, 2008
zacofthejungle - yahoo.com
This is the first Disney movie that I saw in a very long time that when I saw it I was blown away. The songs were amazing, the story line was incredible and the movie overall was phenomenal. This is a... Full review
Great Movie
May 20, 2008
bob.treebark - yahoo.com
If you have kids that want to see it you should go with them chances are you will like it to. When I went there I was thinking "Oh great Im going to fall asleep." But I didnt I loved it... Full review
The most enchanted movie of 2007!!
May 15, 2008
jpmh_12 - yahoo.com
Nothing could be sweeter for a movie than a touch of traditional Disney. Enchanted truly made my dreams come true. The storyline was great. the songs were irresistible. The actors did well. The plot was compelling with a twist. There's something... Full review
This Movie Was 'Enchanted'
May 15, 2008
lucy2viola - yahoo.com
I had heard mixed feelings from this movie. Some of my friends thought it was cheesey and predictable, some thought it was fantastic and funny. I thought of it as a little of both. Parts of it were cheesey and most... Full review
kind of dumb
May 08, 2008
karenali4 - yahoo.com
I thought this movie was kind of dumb. At some parts are funny. I dont think i liked that movie. i dont want to say the all time worst but it was. sorry... Full review
Poor Effort!!
May 08, 2008
wanted62708 - yahoo.com
The movie 'Enchanted', I think was a poor effort. Toward the end, I felt like I was watching a cheesy 'Snow White-Sleeping Beauty' movie. The story is full of flaws aswell as the script dialog. The acting wasn't all that good... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Feb 04, 2010
Hopefully mixing up the creative heads behind the project won't ruin the charm of the original film.....Despite the mess of a film that was "Leap Year," audiences (and us over here at Hollywood Crush) love Amy Adams .....Barry Sonnenfeld spent many years tweaking "Enchanted" to be perfect in pre-production until it finally got made....The original film's screenwriter Bill Kelly ("Premonition," "Blast from the Past") is being replaced with Jessie Nelson ("Because I Said So," "The Story of Us"), and classic D ... Full Review
| Feb 04, 2010
I absolutely loved the original Enchanted .....Whatever they cook up, it's just an unnecessary twist for a feel good movie.....It was delightfully self-aware for a Disney film....It's just one of the sweetest, funniest movies I've seen, especially from Disney..... ... Full Review
| Feb 05, 2009
Ain't It Cool Movie Reviews
but so was the immediate reaction to a Disney princess crossing over into our world, but ENCHANTED turned out to be a really sweet (yuk-yuk-yuk) and fun family flick, so Kevin Lima's earned some cred with me. Maybe it was Lord Licorice or maybe it was the overt Hansel & Gretel overtones, but no matter what it is, I'd love it if Lima played up the Grimm Fairy Tale aspect of the story. ... Full Review
| Nov 16, 2008
Colorado Springs Independent
Plus, it's an example of an even rarer cinematic creature: the movie wholly suitable for both kids and grownups. But, really, the whole film is fun. Sarandon especially stands out as the most fun in her wickedly delicious role. ... Full Review
| Jun 27, 2008
Great Date Movies....Honestly, with the exception of The Princess Bride this is the best date movie Hollywood has produced, which brings us to my next suggestion.......The movie's big three (Amy Adams, James Marsden, Patrick Dempsey) all bring strong performances to the characters..... ... Full Review


London, Apr 15 (PTI) Hollywood actor James Marsden is keen to reprise the role of prince Edward in a sequel to ''Enchanted'' before he turns 40. ... Full Article

Six years after "Shrek" put a modern spin on the classic fairy tale with some not-so-veiled references to Disney animation, the Mouse House has once again found itself in the crosshairs. ... Full Article

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This has to be my favourite live action movie from Disney. Its got romance,comedy and good actors .
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