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Watch it only for Leguizamo...or Skip it!
Oct 20, 2007
The_Flesh_Eating_Vegan - imdb.com
'Empire' is a film that had a lot of potential but due to the bad writing, several plot holes and weak direction, the film fails. I mean, is Victor Rosa really that stupid to not put anything on paper when... Full review
F*** you critics and the subway you rode in on.
Sep 18, 2007
yormami69 - yahoo.com
This is the life in the Bronx and until you get out there and live it, shut the hell up, you can sit there in your nice azz crib and judge something you have never experienced, that crap killz me. Get... Full review
Gripping and Impressionable
Mar 27, 2007
cliff_jeffery - yahoo.com
* Loved the'd the personal commentary throughout the film. Soundtrack with Secada is very soulful. Did wonders for the movie. The classy upscale NY scenes were also very impressive.... Full review
Seen this with a great friend
Aug 14, 2006
msmom1204 - yahoo.com
This movie was good and I think that it was better than most movies that I have seen about Crime drug things and I liked it. It took me three years to figure out the name. But I enjoyed it.... Full review
gansta movie
Apr 03, 2006
movieman511 - yahoo.com
this movie was not what i expected it to be but it's still good but if you compare it to the trailer it's notwhat you expect it to be but still a good movie if you like gangta movies like me.... Full review
Worn Out Clone :Got 2 Better Recommendations :
Mar 08, 2006
wunzntooz - yahoo.com
Belly and King of New York. Two far better films along the same lines. Funny that the real thing that Empire is lacking here is style. It has a decent looking cast, a worn out but reliable plotline but zero authentic... Full review
Good, but talkish Movie
Feb 21, 2006
xxxla.resistance619 - yahoo.com
Empire is great. ive never went to Bronx before, but i heard theres alot of bad *****s there. like terror squad, run by rapper fat joes crew. im more of a g-unit fan because im nice and all. but in my... Full review
This movie has a good moral to it.
Jan 31, 2006
joannewethington - yahoo.com
Well over all I loved this movie. It had a great ending. When you were watching the ending you wanted Vicor to live happly ever after. But you knew that he wouldn't. The moral was what ever you do in your... Full review
Building and Empire
Oct 13, 2005
molneze84 - yahoo.com
Almost like a documentary with a good story. John Leguizamo plays an upcoming drug dealer turning businessman who gets played hard by some rich white cat livin it up with other people's money. Only John's character doesn't take that, he fights... Full review
Oct 07, 2005
freakinrican65 - yahoo.com
I felt this was a powerful movie. This film is excellent for it being Franc Reyes's first feature. He brings you right into the latino culture in New York. So many of us Latinos or ( New Yoricans) feel we can... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jan 01, 2004
Hollywood Report Card
While I mostly enjoyed the film, unfortunately, two or three pivotal points in the plot defy believability or at least character description.....Compelling, involving, great pace, real dialogue, assertive direction, clean tight cinematography and strong acting --.... ... Full Review
| Dec 06, 2002
Sarsgaard is very believable and sincere in his role as Jack.....Overall, nothing new is learned from Empire but you gain a new appreciation for John Leguizamo through his bravado acting.....John Leguizamo's captivating portrayal is enough to lead the film to past most of the cliche scenes we come to expect.....Richards, who most recently played the "White She-Devil" in "Undercover Brother" is okay in her role but her lines, were the worst in the film.....The main character is always appealing and Leguizamo ... Full Review
| Dec 06, 2002
Deseret News
Empire" is rated R for strong violence (gunplay and beatings), frequent use of strong sex-related profanity, drug content (manufacture and distribution of cocaine), simulated sex and occasional use of crude sexual slang and racial epithets. As the stylish queenpin, Isabella Rossellini brings more weight and charisma to the role than the movie deserves. ... Full Review
| Dec 06, 2002
no care went into building a good story.....The script moves back and forth between horribly overwrought voice-overs and naturalistic but meaningless dialogue..... ... Full Review
| Dec 06, 2002
Her eventual appearance, more than an hour into the film, is completely worth the wait. Alas, aside from this brief, special moment, Empire , the first film produced by the Hispanic-focused Arenas Entertainment, is hardly surprising. ... Full Review


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