Dying Young


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Make me cry movies
Jul 20, 2008
bsgusan - yahoo.com
Such a tender movie. Its always so sad to know a person has no control, basicaly, over our lives. Put up a great fight. Fight to the very end. This guy does. Love pulls him on. Love is all we have.... Full review
Brilliant performance from Scotts Campbell
Feb 24, 2008
sadeolah - yahoo.com
A compelling and touching movie. Both Julia Roberts and Campbell Scotts delivered a brilliant performance. its so romantic and emotional. if you are a lover of romantic films i will recommend this film to you.... Full review
a wonderful movie
Sep 15, 2007
lepurdgrl - yahoo.com
this was a wonderful movie to watch because it showed a beautiful compassion between a man and a woman. It was sad, but than on the other hand romantic, funny, and a wonderful movie to watch. It teaches us a lesson... Full review
1 of Julia's Best
Sep 15, 2007
angelamerisse - yahoo.com
I am a Julia Roberts fanatic so definitely this movie is 1 of her best.Julia is a natural when it comes to acting,her face is so fresh you'll never tire looking at.The soundtrack is quite touching,I easily feel sad `when I... Full review
My Favorite movie ever!
Nov 09, 2006
arrianne923 - yahoo.com
I love this movie and I guess I've watched hundred times. I almost memorize each scene and I cried the first time I watched it. I love both Campbell Scott and Julia Roberts, they are both excellent. When I migrated here... Full review
Aug 31, 2006
nemo_and_dory - yahoo.com
The movies was just great. It was so good I cried so hard at the end I just couldnt help myself. Great job by Cambell... Full review
humm terific..terrific...movie!!!!
May 27, 2005
utada_ikayu - yahoo.com
this movie is really terrific n touching.I like the way it start until it end.It is a dramatic movie dat i ever seen before.it's good..Besides, the actor n da actres was make it done well..... Full review
Admiration and applause for Dying Young
May 09, 2005
keneciaex - yahoo.com
The first time I watched the movie, I turned on the television and the movie had started about 15 minutes prior to me watching it and I was clued. Anything with Julia Roberts after her performance in Pretty Woman, she just... Full review
It was inspiring.
Feb 07, 2005
t_jahan - yahoo.com
If you 've met someone with cancer,you ll like it very much.I liked every scene of the movie and the music very much.It was inspiring.... Full review
Dying Young
Nov 30, 2004
sunrays2525 - yahoo.com
Quite the tearjerker for any hopeless romantic. Julia Roberts plays Hilary, a woman down in her luck with love and money. She comes to work for Victor, played by Campbell Scott, who has cancer. Victor from the start has a deep... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Dec 08, 2000
Rolling Stone
Victor Geddes, an impossible role well played by Campbell Scott, has money, intelligence, good looks and leukemia. Now, there's a happy ending with an inescapable message: Even dying young has an up side, as long as you're dying rich. ... Full Review
| Jun 25, 1991
Deseret News
This isn't a bad movie, really. Dying Young" is rated R for considerable profanity, two sex scenes and some nudity (including a number of nude paintings). ... Full Review
| Jun 21, 1991
Washington Post
Scott's real-life mother, Colleen Dewhurst, is among the earthy and warmhearted locals who welcome them to the tiny community. A tear-jerker cum love story, it smacks of her trademark girlishness, all big, moist eyes and eager subservience. ... Full Review
| Jun 21, 1991
Washington Post
Perhaps "Dying Young" can be seen as a way of stirring sympathy in the mainstream moviegoing audiences who stayed away in droves from "Longtime Companion," a superior film on a similar subject. Big surprise: Scott falls in love, Roberts quickly follows, and soon he's off chemotherapy, they've split from the home of his wealthy, dominating father, rented a Met Home-quaint cottage on the gorgeous Mendocino coast, his hair grows back, and they're running down cliffside paths, charming the yokels at local bars ... Full Review

Chicago Sun-Times
And when I describe the ending as inevitable, by that I do not mean that the hero of " Dying Young " actually dies young. If the plot is predictable, maybe it's because " Dying Young " is a virtual rewrite of the formula of " Pretty Woman ... Full Review


By Belinda Goldsmith SYDNEY (Reuters Life!) - When American writer Marti Leimbach's fascination with female reporters taken captive during the Vietnam War became obsessive, she knew she had her next book in the making. ... Full Article

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