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Mediocre, kind of lame.
Aug 25, 2008
peolly - imdb.com
Pretentious plot. Okay acting. Shallow characters The verdict? So-so. What first turned me off was Calista, or Cindy, or whatever her name is, the character had about the same IQ as your average eggplant. She changed her name to Calista because... Full review
A poetic indie chick-flick...
Mar 18, 2008
MrGKB - imdb.com
..."Dreamland" showcases a number of rising young talents both in front of and behind the camera. Neophyte director Jason Matzner (who is this guy and why isn't he at work on a new project?) breathes life and beauty into Tom "nobody's... Full review
Much better than you might expect!
Feb 24, 2008
bwdude - imdb.com
Last night I was in the mood for a movie - any movie - and so I popped "Dreamland" out of the unseen stack of my DVD collection. I did not expect all too much, so I was very pleasantly surprised... Full review
Tell me when it's finally over!
Aug 05, 2007
RegardeLaMer - imdb.com
My God! I have never seen such an atrocious film with probably some of the most annoying characters in film I have ever seen. When I first saw this movie, I was thinking "hey... Great cast... Cute idea" I was horribly... Full review
Jan 11, 2007
postmanwhoalwaysringstwice - imdb.com
With echoes of Allison Ander's "Gas, Food, Lodging", "Dreamland" tells a believable and engaging coming of age tale through the eyes of Audrey, a recent high school graduate caught at a personal crossroads. She lives in the ironically titled trailer park... Full review
Caring for Others, Taking Care of the Self
Dec 22, 2006
gradyharp - imdb.com
DREAMLAND is one of those little Indie films that sneaks up on you, draws you in and leaves you feeling fulfilled. Written by Tom Willett and directed with great sensitivity to both style and message by Jason Matzner, the film boasts... Full review
Almost Great
Apr 12, 2006
bla75 - imdb.com
Dreamland is a film about hopes and dreams, fear and regret. Audrey and her father Henry live in a trailer park after Henry's wife has passed away. Henry is a drunk and deathly afraid of physically leaving the trailer park, where... Full review
This is a compelling, evocative coming of age story that has uniformly terrific performances and expert cinematography. The film invites and earns comparison with indie landmarks like GAS FOOD LODGING and RUBY IN PARADISE but is far more than a mere... Full review
Young woman's coming of age drama
Jan 29, 2006
annette_s - imdb.com
This film premiered at Sundance. It is a beautifully photographed, sensitively presented, leisurely paced drama set in "Dreamland", a trailer park in New Mexico. Unlike most coming-of-age stories that focus on young males, this is one that centers on an 18-year... Full review
Jan 29, 2006
ArizWldcat - imdb.com
This is an introspective film about a young girl named Audrey. Her mother has died, her father is agoraphobic, and her best friend is struggling with her health as well. They live in a beautiful area of New Mexico, but their... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Feb 27, 2007
Entertainment Insiders
A greater disservice than is given this cool movie by the lame treatment it is given on this vanilla DVD. The dialogue is good. Special effects are also quite good, especially considering the low budget. The night scenes are much better. ... Full Review


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